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6 CDs converted to Mp3 on one CD-Rom

Disc One covers, the musical alphabet, half and whole steps, chromatic scales, sharps and flats, major scales, enharmonics, tetrachords, cycles of fourths and fifths, flat and sharp keys.

Disc Two Covers; Intervals, quantity and quality, seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, sevenths, unison and octaves, perfect, major, minor, augmented, diminished intervals, enharmonic intervals, major minor, augmented and diminished triads.

Disc Three covers; Diatonic harmony classic terms, tonality and tonal centers, tonal and modal chords, finding tonal centers, dominant 7th, cadences, and diatonic substitutions. Includes 74 minutes of ear training. Hear tonal centers, cadences (perfect and deceptive) with listening tests and assignments.

Disc Four covers; Ear Training

Disc Five covers: Elaborate harmonic progressions, natural, relative, melodic & harmonic minor, diotonic harmony, rock and blues harmony.

Disc Six covers: Secondary dominants in major and minor keys, tonality shifting to modality, modulations, pivot chords, unresolving chord progressions and modal interchange.