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Guitars For Sale > GIBSON ES-165 Herb Ellis 1996 (Demo)
GIBSON ES-165 Herb Ellis 1996 (Demo)

Price: $2,295.00
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Sorry its sold

Here's a beautiful 1996 Gibson Herb Ellis ES-165 in sunburst  .  The 165 is essentially a es- 175 minus the bridge pickup. The absence of the bridge pickup lets the top vibrate more than a 175. The maple laminated top side and back give the guitar it's own unique dark sound and is built to be strong less likely to crack due to weather or and accident.  16" bout 3 1/2 inch body depth. 243/4 scale length. Mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard, ebony bridge, gold hardware. Strung with Rich's personal string set and the pickup ring is raised off the top giving this guitar a more responsive top. Original hard shell case included