"Although your musical ability is given by God, it is up to you to cultivate that talent so you can offer your best to Him."
Rich Severson , based on Matt 25:14-30

If you're a Christian guitarist currently playing (or aspiring to play) in a church praise band or leading worship our Guitar College Home Study Courses will really give your playing the boost you need.  They'll also help you gain a better knowledge of music theory so you can communicate better verbally and musically with other instrumentalists and vocalists.  You'll become a well rounded  musician and an asset in the worship band or any other band with the Guitar College program.

There's an old adage, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for life." It's that way with guitar playing also. You can learn a song on your guitar and all you'll know is a song. But if you learn about music, develop proper technique and develop you ear you'll be able to learn all the songs you want. And that's just what we can do for you!  As a worship team guitarist you are constantly having to read charts, learn new songs and change keys, even sometimes on the spot. We have the tools you need to get the job done right. You and your entire worship team or bandcaan even learn music theory while you drive!


The courses are written by Rich Severson, a Christian, who has authored three guitar method books with major publishers and is a former GIT instructor. He has also performed throughout the U.S with various bands, but mostly in the L.A. area where he grew up. In the 1988, using ideas and information he accumulated over the last 20 years of teaching private guitar lessons he began writing and recording his own guitar correspondence lessons and selling them through mail order. His goal was to offer a higher level of guitar education to those unable to attend expensive guitar schools like GIT. Since then the business has evolved from individual correspondence type lessons to the Guitar College home study courses you see now. Ultimately God was providing a way for him to use his talents to earn a living without constantly performing in nightclubs and bars, and to move his family away from the congested LA. area. God has truly blessed Rich and his family with this growing family owned and operated business. It is a way he can share his knowledge and talents with others and help them grow musically. As a part his of Christian ministry, a copy of Rich’s personal testimony is included in each book shipped from Guitar College. After his move Rich worked at Fresno Pacific University for three years as the jazz band director and the guitar instructor. He played guitar on the worship team at Yosemite Lakes Community church for 9 years and filled in at other various local churches. For the past 6 years Rich has been the cheif musician/band director at Northside Christian Church in Fresno, CA and travels throughout the U.S. and Canada instructing at a variety of conferences, workshops, clinics and seminars.


Whether you're a worship leader, worship team vocalist or musician, or a Christian guitarist writing your own songs, Guitar College home study courses can help you to improve your guitar playing, musical knowledge, reading and writing.

Guitar playing is a wonderful gift that you can share with your family, friends or congregation for pleasure or worship. Although your musical ability is given by God it is up to you to cultivate that talent. As you increase your musical knowledge and improve your guitar playing skills you will become a more valuable asset to your worship team, greater glorify the Lord and even be able use your talent to witness at times. Guitar College Home Study Courses is a convenient, affordable and effective way to help you to do all of that.

Any of the Guitar College courses will improve your playing skills and expand your music knowledge, but our College Starter Pack is the best place to start.  It's a one year, college level,multi media, home study program that's a great value. It contains everything you need to musically equip you for a worship team situation. For the price of two or three months of private lessons you can have a whole year of home study lessons. Our Theory for the Road Set is perfect for every musician and vocalist on the worship team. It can teach you the equivalent of 3 semesters of college music theory while you drive. We also have an interactive CD-Rom titled Lead Guitar for Embellishing Worship, and a DVD titled Electric Rhythm Guitar for the Worship Team that will assist you on the worship team.

Please check out the rest of our website for information about each of our fourteen courses and our monthly specials. We’ve checked out our competitors and our courses are the most guitar education for the least money, simply the best value we have found. (We’ve been told that they’re the most effective also!) And don’t miss Rich’s fingerstyle Christian CD At Peace and the At Peace Fingertyle Course available on this website. If you have questions just call 1-888-621-1447 or email You can place orders via internet, phone, fax or mail. We look forward to hearing from you.
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Rich is available for workshops and clinics at your church.  Call him for detatils at 1-888-621-1447 or email at


Rich has taught during the years indicated:
International Worship Institute, 2000-8
Christian Guitar and Bass Conferences, 2001-8,
Christian Musician Summit, 2004-8,
Thriving Musician Summit 2007-8
Worship Leader Conference 2007
Break Forth, Canada, 2005-6,
Inspiration Technologies, East and West 2005
Unite in Worship, Canada 2006

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"If I were directing a Worship Team again I would require every member of the team listen to the Guitar College Theory for the Road Series"...............Karry Godwin,
If you need help with your worship team Karry can come to your church and assist your worship team in raising the level of worship in your church.

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Worship Articles by EXW Staff

Are you an average guitar player looking to get better? Do you want to help expand you abilities on the guitar? I have been play the guitar off and on for 25 years. I have taken a ton of lessons and bought hundreds of dollars of books on how play the guitar. It wasn't until this past week when I ran into Rich Severson that I found what I'd been looking for.

The Guitar College is one of the best teaching systems for beginning and intermediate players. Rich has everything on CD, tabs, lead lines, rhythms, and chords. His approach is so broad that you learn more than strumming a few chords, you learn to play everything. He covers blues to jazz and country to rock. If you are looking for an incredible teaching tool to better your skills, check out the Guitar College today. A definite EXW PICK OF THE CENTURY !

Stephen M. Newman
Founder and Editor,



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