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We accept all major credit cards and bank cards.
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You do not need a Paypal account to make a purchase with us however all of our sales are processed securely through Paypal.  You must click the Paypal checkout button on your cart to complete your purchase whether or not you are using Paypal.  Then you can either sign into your Paypal account or just below that  Click on "Pay with debit or credit card"  to pay without using a Paypal account.

We use Paypal for all our online purchases and recommend a Paypal account for you too.  You can pay without revealing your credit card or bank information to online retailers.  You will protect yourself from identity theft and credit card fraud by keeping all your payment details safe with one Paypal account.  It also makes checkout quicker and easier when you shop online.  All your shipping address and payment information is on file with Paypal so no need to fill it in every time you want to buy.  So many online retailers accept Paypal it's the number one online payment choice.  It makes online shopping very