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Now available the Latest Band in a Box Windows Version with many new added features!  Click here to check it out at and order it below!

I  have used Band In A Box for years now to create the play-a-long tracks for my video lessons. This program helps get as close to the real "Playing in a band" experience as possible.  My tracks, included with most lessons, are Mp3 files which can't be altered.  Now I also offer the powerful Band In A Box program as well as SGU song files. Anyone who has the Band In The Box program can load the SGU song file and change tempo, the song form, the key, the instrumentation and even loop sections for extra practice. What a valuable learning tool!!!  Rich Severson

BAND IN A BOX Pro is now available from Guitar College as a download. Rich recommends the Pro Version which can be upgraded as needed.   

There are several more informational and tutorial videos available on YouTube if you want to learn more about it.

A Powerful Accompaniment and Composition Tool
Experience streamlined musical accompaniment and song creation.  Create realistic backing tracks with MIDI-like control of pre-recorded audio.  Just type in chords, choose a style, and the software does the rest. 
Band-in-a-Box 2020 brings over 80 new features and enhancements. A redesigned main screen makes navigation a piece of cake. Enhanced RealTracks provide improved sound quality. Craft engaging rhythms with upgraded RealDrums.

Song Titles Browser. Accelerate your learning with "Woodshedding" guitar tracks played by Brent Mason. Produce captivating sounds with the sforzando SFZ Synth. 

202 new RealTracks for inspired song creation
PG Music Band-in-a-Box 2017 contains 202 new RealTracks. Add 63 country, folk, and world tracks to your arrangements. Create interesting compositions with Latin American styles, Celtic harps,
Hawaiian pedal steel, and ukuleles. Expand 2006's "crooner" big band set with 61 jazz, funk, and blues tracks. Brent Mason (guitar) and Mike Rojas (piano) contribute to the blues tracks.
Cory Pesaturo lends his virtuoso accordion playing.
78 rock and pop RealTracks run the full gamut. Modern house, hip-hop, and rap. Modern pop with Zane Carney (of John Mayer fame).
Drum pop/rock grooves courtesy of Shannon Forest. And finally, '60s-style surf, Motown, and classic rock.
Loads of new features and enhancements
With over 80 new features and additions, 2017's Band-in-a-Box is the most powerful yet. The main screen has a smaller footprint with configurable toolbars and more. Enhanced RealTracks
utilize Elastique 3 for improved time-stretching and transposition. Better phrase transitions and Natural Arrangements add more realism to your compositions. Brent Mason contributed new
12-key "Woodshedding" tracks to speed up your learning. RealDrums now include half/double/triple time and accommodate multiple loops on a single track. UserTracks include half/double/triple time,
rests, 3/4 time, and more. A dedicated Song Titles Browser includes information on over 8,000 popular songs and Natural Arrangements provides freedom to choose different chord extensions.
PG Music Band-in-a-Box Pro 2020 Includes:
Band-in-a-Box 2020
RealBand 2020
Pro RealCombos: over 200 RealTracks in 38 Bands
46 MIDI SuperTracks
Over 400 MIDI Styles
Over 100 MIDI Soloists
Over 60 MIDI Melodists
21 nature sounds and percussion loops
22 Artist Performances
1,000 dubstep, modern, and Top 40 loops
FREE bonus 8-PAK
BAND IN A BOX products are also available in a wide variety of formats directly from http://www.pgmusic.com/   Rich recommends the Pro Version which can be upgraded as needed.