Ask Yourself
Does this sound like you??

Would you like to be a better player? 
Honestly, you wouldn't be on this website if your weren't searching for some way to improve your guitar playing.
Guitar College offers you quality, affordable, effective guitar instruction delivered right to your door. These courses are designed for the adult guitar player who has played for 6 months or more
(maybe even decades) with little or no formal music education, basically the self taught guitarist. The courses also are very helpful to a musician starting guitar as a new instrument. The goal of these home study courses is for the student to acquire the skills and knowledge so he can eventually teach himself successfully!
We have the plan. Work the plan and the plan will work for you.

Do you suffer from disconnected learning?
Most players start with someone showing them a few chords. Then they buy a couple books and get through a few pages, then buy a video and after the first 5 minutes the instructor leaves them in the dust. They try a few lessons but the teacher always asks "What do you want to learn" and the reality is, you don't know what you need to learn.  This disconnected learning leaves students frustrated and discouraged. Does this sound like you?

Do you practice the same things over and over again?
Most students fall short of their playing goals not because they don't practice but because they don’t know what to practice and how to practice efficiently.  Does that sound like you?  We show you exactly what to practice to improve your playing skills and increase your music knowledge. Our systematic, organized, step-by-step, guitar instruction programs are all planned out for you, you just work the plan. It's simple, just follow along in the workbook and Rich will teach and rehearse with you note by note on the six audio CDs in each course.

Do books and videos leave you frustrated with incomplete information?
Most guitarists buy a few guitar books and videos, take a few guitar lessons, download a free guitar lesson or lick but nothing is connected. That type guitar instruction can leave you confused and discouraged.  Does this sound like you? The goal of Guitar College is for the student to acquire enough guitar skill and knowledge so he can teach himself anything he wants to learn successfully! Our courses contain a workbook and 6 audio CDs with everything explained in detail to you, played at different tempos and also include practice backing tracks to rehearse. Everything tool neccessary is provided for you to learn the material.  But don't throw away those guitar books and videos, as you learn more with Guitar College, they will all start to make sense. We will help you fit the pieces together!

Do you know what to practice to improve your playing?
You probably haven’t reached the proficiency level you desire because you haven't had a step-by-step, organized guitar instruction program. You need to be taught more than a few songs and where to put your fingers. A solid foundation of music theory and technique will help a you develop more quickly no matter what style you prefer. Rich offers more than a jazz or blues lesson by also including comprehensive courses in music theory and technique so in the future you'll be able to learn and play anything you desire. Isn't that really the ultimate goal? Every lesson is explained in-depth, performed and rehearsed at a variety of tempos, note by note, on a set of 6 audio CDs included with each course.

Which way is your playing headed now?  Your guitar playing is either moving forward or backward.  When you're not learning your playing will slowly start to erode. If you're not making any progress, you're probably not feeling very good about your playing. Guitar College will continually challenge you, introduce you to new musical concepts, styles and approaches and keep you motivated to practice and move on to the next level.

It's time to make a change, try something that works.  Join thousands of students who are feeling good about their playing. Take a decisive step, start  one of our courses you'll be on your way to developing your skills and playing a cut above the average guitar player.