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Six month, home study course with a 60 page workbook in tab and notation with four "Work Along" audio CDs and CD-Rom version of the entire course.  
Plus a 100 minute supplemental DVD.

Explore the building blocks of blues guitar, string bends and blues scale positions in major and minor keys. Get "Out of the box" by connecting all of the blues scale shapes both major and minor to open up the entire fretboard as an instrument of expression. Develop great blues lines and make impressive blues statement without relying on "Finger memory." Build your strength, your ear and your phrasing with great practice tracks in a variety of blues styles.  Master 6 tasteful solos to spur your own creative juices. Includes 53 exercises to build you blues chops.  
Recommended for intermediate level players.

LESSON 1 STRING BENDS  Develops "in tune" string bends on every string. Acquire strength for hammers, pulloffs and bends. Develop coordination and your ear.
LESSON 2 BLUES SCALE POSITIONS  Five basic, plus four optional fingerings. Studies include playing the scale around the cycle of 4ths, connecting 1 octave fingerings patterns, and echoing ideas. Practice tracks are in Little Richard's "Lucille" feel.
LESSON 3 BLUES SONGS  Explore solo structuring in three different blues feels. "Call and Response" develops short and refined phrases. "The Work Song", with five different comping and progression possibilities. "On Broadway", a funky, double-timing chop buster.
LESSON 4 BLUES BUILT ON THE RELATIVE MINOR  Combined with the minor blues scale, offers maximum blues possibilities.  Five different positions, connection positions and 1 octave shapes,  country blues sound and a blues " Boogie Woogie" for jamming.
LESSON 5 BLUES SHUFFLE   Popular changes and jazzier blues progressions, intros and solos 1 and 2. Phrases are rehearsed in detail to retain these licks.
LESSON 6 BLUES SHUFFLE   Analyzing solos and solo structure, ending tags and solos 3-6. Countless licks can can be found in these melodic blues solos.

Blues Guitar Course #1 also available as a CD-Rom E-Course

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