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1 on 1 Lessons
Private Skype lesson with Rich

Take a private lesson via Skype with Rich Severson from anywhere in the world!
This is the perfect opportunity to have Rich troubleshoot your playing and give it a tune up.  He'll watch and listen and offer you guidance and direction to
get you over the hump and beyond that plateau you may stuck on right now.  You can ask all questions you've needed answered to help you gain a better comprehension of music and guitar.  He can help you improve your technique, comping, soloing, fingerstyle, or whatever you may need to achieve your musical goals. 

Plus Rich will send you FREE lesson links to the right video material to get you moving toward your playing goals.

Skype is easy. All you need is a computer or tablet with a camera, mic and speakers, connected to a free Skype  subscription then grab your guitar, you're ready to take a lesson. Lessons are $50.00 per half hour or $75.00 per hour.

Lessons are on an "As needed" basis, there's no weekly or monthly commitment, arrange your next lesson when you're ready.   Morning afternoon or evening times are available, just email or call Rich to set up a lesson time lesson.

To set up a lesson time email Rich@guitarcollege.com or call 805-460-6370.  Times are available to suite your schedule. Once you schedule your lesson time with Rich pay below to confirm your time.