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Six month, home study course with 61 page PDF workbook in tab and notation
with over 
six hours of "Work/Play Along" MP3 audio

Learn jazz concepts by studying actual tunes. Understand and master the chord accompaniments and solos.  Ten well-rehearsed, transcribed solos will help you develop your own improv ideas.  The material is played for you and then you play along with good rhythm tracks to create your own ideas. 

Recommended for intermediate players with working knowledge of music theory and good technique.

LESSON 1 "KILLER JOE"  This song bridges the gap between blues and jazz.  Helps the new jazz player focus in on creating good phrases by learning how to echo.  Includes chord melody, chord accompaniment and improv solo.

LESSON 2 "TUNE-UP"  This Miles Davis tune using 2-5-1 progressions in descending whole steps is great for learning 2-5 licks.  Chord melody, chord comping & two solos, altered dominant & side stepping chromatic sounds.
LESSON 3 " COOKIN' 1"  Clifford Brown backcycling bebop tune.  Learn the head, chord comping, chord arpeggio study & analysis plus the first improv solo study based on the essential (Parker) blues progression.
LESSON 4 "COOKIN' 2"   More chord accompaniment arrangements.  Plus, learn to "comp" chords using a walking base line.  Study improv solos 2, 3 & 4.
LESSON 5 "LITTLE BOAT"  Sequential song develops the art of transposing melodic & comping ideas.  Two complete solos, 12-four bar riffs & eleven ways of composing the changes.  Many chord voicings and scale diagrams.
LESSON 6 "PHASE DANCE" This Popular Pat methany tune is a fusion players delight.  Includes sol
os from album transcribed by Dwayne Issacson. 

USB drives save room on your hard drive, you'll avoid losing your download lessons if your computer crashes, and you can play them on different computers! So convenient, load it on any device and take it anywhere in your pocket!! Be sure to keep in a safe place.