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Six month, home study course with 53 page PDF workbook in tab and notation
with over 
six hours of "Work/Play Along" MP3 audio
 Master the art of improvisation around chord changes by studying the solos of guitar greats Jimmy Rainey, Wes Montgomery & Larry Carlton.  All phrases rehearsed & analyzed to help you understand and master them. Examine an array of 2-5-1 licks and learn how to apply them.  
Prerequisite: Jazz Guitar Courses 1-3 or equivalent experience.

LESSON 1 "MOTION" Learn this much used bebop progression.  great Jimmy Rainey's "Outside" solo gives new insights to jazz guitar playing.
LESSON 2 "TEAR IT DOWN"  One of Wes Montgomery's best jazz performances. Learn the complete solo line for line and incorporate Wes' unique phrasing.
LESSON 3 "AFFIRMATION"  A George Benson classic. Melody, rhythm changes & soloing ideas. Great song for the working musician. Lots of jamming with these tracks.
LESSON 4 "TUNE UP 2"   Study eight, melodic, 4 bar bebop lines.  Learn to memorize them & transfer them into different playing positions & keys & how to incorporate them into your own playing.  Essential for every jazz player.
LESSON 5 JAZZ LINES (2-5-1'S)  Study great sounding 2-5-1 licks.  Each line is analyzed, played in two positions then rehearsed in all 12 keys. The practice track progressions are common to hundreds of tunes. Develop phrasing, technique & ideas. Many cool sounding 2-5-1 chord voicings.
LESSON 6 SMILES AND SMILES TO GO" This tune is one of Larry Carlton's best performances. Each phrase is thoroughly rehearsed with the practice tracks at different tempos.  Capture the nuances of this great solo.

USB drives save room on your hard drive, you'll avoid losing your download lessons if your computer crashes, and you can play them on different computers! So convenient, load it on any device and take it anywhere in your pocket!! Be sure to keep in a safe place.