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Six month, home study course with a 90 page PDF workbook in tab and notation with over six hours of "Work Along" Mp3 audio   

Learn to relate music theory to your guitar.  Designed at a college entry level, this course lays a solid foundation of harmony (the relationship between chords and voice) and theory (the science of music). Good technique (the auto-response of your fingers to the right place at the right time) is developed with musically useful drills and exercises, rehearsed with you note by note. Includes practice tracks, 43 exercise and 6 work sheets. Suggested prerequisites; 6 months or equivalent of guitar lessons.

LESSON 1 RUDIMENTS  Covers 24 finger combinations, positions, chromatic scales, transposing one major scale up & down the neck & around the cycle of 4ths, understanding tonality, constructing major scales.
LESSON 2 SCALES EXERCISES  Explore 6 scale exercises within one major scale form. Use CAGED system for major scale positions.  Study major, minor, augmented & diminished triads & identify the key of phrases.

LESSON 3 INTERVALS  Drill intervals, major, minor perfect augmented & diminished. Interval exercises of 3rds 4ths 5ths 6ths 7ths & octaves.
LESSON 4 SEQUENCESAnalyze & play 15 different diatonic sequences, diagram & transpose the cell in tonal & atonal sequences. Valuable fo
soloing. Lots of playing to develop good technique.
LESSON 5 DAILY EXERCISES 1 -4   Exercise all scale possibilities, major scales around the cycle of 4ths, 1 octave lower register, higher register and 2 octaves. "Etudes in G" uses scale technique and interval studies.
LESSON 6 SOLOING IN 1 TONAL CENTER(Am-D9)  Closed & open voicings of Am7 moving to D9. Explore 20 inversions.  Includes a solo played in one scale form with a Latin practice track. Encourages phrase development.


USB drives save room on your hard drive, you'll avoid losing your download lessons if your computer crashes, and you can play them on different computers! So convenient, load it on any device and take it anywhere in your pocket!! Be sure to keep in a safe place.