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NO HYPE: First of all, if you're looking for a lot of hyped up descriptions and testimonies of overnight success schemes and empty promises, you've come to the wrong place.  There are no "Get Great Quick" programs that work, they just don't deliver what you need to be a good musician.  Our goal is to teach you enough so that you will be able to learn anything you want on your own.   With the flooded market of guitar methods today, too many teachers try to reinvent the wheel offering shortcut programs that leave you confused and frustrated.  Guitar players are notorious for learning bits and pieces of information from a friend, a magazine, a video, etc. that are useless until you can put them all together to complete the puzzle and get the big picture.  Music is not rocket science, anyone can learn it if they have the correct material, taught in the proper order. 

What if school children tried to learn algebra before learning to add and subtract? What if they tried to read before they learned the alphabet?  Well of course none of this would work but this is exactly what you've been trying to do for years with the "Do-It-Yourself" approach to learning guitar.  Obviously it hasn't worked or you wouldn't be here now, right?  And does a school teacher ever ask "What do you children want to learn today?"  No, the curriculum should taught in the correct logical order for maximum effectiveness.  That's how Guitar College Home Study courses are designed, each lesson prepares you for the next, building on one another for easy comprehension.  It's as simple as that, the right material taught in the right order.  Just work the plan and the plan will work for you.

THE FIRST, THE ORIGINAL. Our guitar courses were created in 1989 as a mail order program called Guitar Correspondence then they were reorganized into the current home study courses when we initiated our website in 1995.   As a former instructor at Musicians Institute of Technology (G.I.T.), I can say first hand, it's an excellent school.  Unfortunately due the high cost and a year long full time commitment, only a small percentage of musicians will ever be able to attend.  I was amazed at how many students came there totally unprepared, spending $1000's to learn just the fundamentals of music and guitar.  Students who started the program with a working knowledge of music theory and decent chops gained the most from what the school had to offer.  I saw the need for a program to adequately prepare students beforehand as well as offer an affordable, advanced level, comparable curriculum for those who would never have the opportunity to attend a school like GIT.  I researched the market and found that the only home study type guitar lessons available were the Dick Grove's programs that cost thousands of dollars.  So I decided to develop something more offering comparable instruction, make it more than just a guitar lesson you'd get at a local music store, and add a complete, affordable music education too, similar to GIT and Dick Grove.  Although some students require the accountability of an instructor to complete their work, most desire the flexibility of a working at their own pace and around their schedule. So after writing and recording almost 100 lessons, I organized them into Guitar College as you see it today, an affordable Home Study Guitar Program for all levels, in a variety of styles.

I currently produce new video lessons weekly to add to our www.99centGuitarLessons.com website.  There are currently over 700  individual download guitar lessons available instantly to students all over the world at just the click of a button for a very minimal fee.  Please visit us there, I think you'll get hooked and become a better player in the process!