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Six month, home study course with 62 page PDF workbook in tab and notation with over six hours of "Work/Play Along" MP3 audio

Recognize and master the 3 most common minor sounds, Dorian, natural minor and harmonic minor. Improvise in minor and altered dominant sounds with jazz, blues & Latin play along practice tracks tracks. Includes 9 work sheets, 101 exercises and 6 songs.

Prerequisite: Guitar Theory and Technique Course #1 & 2 or equivalent experience

LESSON 1 --DORIAN MODE WORKOUT Gain thorough understanding & control through ten fingerings of this popular mode applied to ten different sequences. Includes rock progression & jazz vamp practice tracks.  
LESSON 2 --DORIAN SONGS  "Recordame", "Impressions" and "So What" develop soloing ideas within the Dorian mode.  Practice tracks to these great jazz tunes recorded in a variety of tempos.
LESSON 3 --NAT MINOR=AEOLIN=REL MINOR  Learn differences & similarities of the 4 minor scales. Master 10 natural minor scale positions applied to 10 different sequences.
LESSON 4 --HARMONIZING NATURAL MINOR  Study diatonic chords & practice harmonic progressions. Learn to identify the key of chord progressions. Blues licks in natural minor with practice tracks.
LESSON 5 --HARMONIC MINOR   14 fingering patterns of 1 & 2 octave harmonic minor scales. Learn to identify chord progression & phrases in harmonic minor. Use harmonic minor as an altered dominant sound.
LESSON 6 HARMONIC MINOR cont.  Diminished chords & arpeggios, symmetrical chords, sequencing, sweep picking arpeggios, dominant diminished & sequencing harmonic minor from the dominant. Latin style tracks.

USB drives save room on your hard drive, you'll avoid losing your download lessons if your computer crashes, and you can play them on different computers! So convenient, load it on any device and take it anywhere in your pocket!! Be sure to keep in a safe place.