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Six month, home study course with 55 page PDF workbook in tab and notation with over six hours of "Work/Play Along" MP3 audio

Explore more blues styles for a total scope of blues possibilities, from slow blues to a jazzy blues, a blue classic solo piece, an uptempo boogie woogie, rockabilly solo and a fresh Chuck Berry approach.  Harmonize the blues scale (to form horn section voicings) for a powerful tool of expression.  Expand your rhythm chops with new triad inversions. Learn some impressive blues lines and play melodic solos that are far beyond the average guitar player.  Two fingerstyle pieces and 23 solos with a variety of blues practice tracks. 

Prerequisite: Blues Guitar Course #1 or equivalent experience.


LESSON 1 THREE NOTE TRIAD INVERSIONS Learn the inversions of the primary chords in four different string groups by playing these blues progressions as a solo piece. Includes 12 bar blues with one chord per beat, a walking bass and drone string.
LESSON 2 CHUCK BERRY BLUES Includes intros, solo and endings using the famous "Berry" licks. Each solo approaches this basic progression with a new idea. Play some incredible lines next time you play "Johnny B Goode".
LESSON 3 HARMONIZING THE BLUE SCALE Learn to harmonize the blues scale and you have a power tool for expression. Sounding like a horn section, learn to play a melodic chord solo that's far above the average blues player.
LESSON 4 BLUES BOOGIE   Ten original solos in a uptempo boogie woogie style. Each solo is very "hooky" and incorporates good phrasing and use of space.
SLOW BLUES Rhythm chords, blues intros and five solos. Each phrase is well rehearsed, slowly, then up to tempo with the band.

USB drives can save room on your hard drive, you'll avoid losing your download lessons if your computer crashes, and you can play them on different computers! So convenient, load it on any device and take it anywhere in your pocket!! Be sure to keep in a safe place.