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** I've order several of your lessons they are nothing short of a New Standard in Teaching Excellence! The Music the approach and your particular Demeanor in explanation is outstanding. I realized today that I have a Book of yours from Dale Zdneck Publications "Country & Country Rock Guitar Solos". Great Book by the way. BTW, Just a little background on myself. I've been a Product Specialist for many of the Major Guitar Mfg and have done several 100's of and even a couple clinics with Mel Bay. I also have work with several Artist. Nokie Edwards of The Ventures, Waylon Jennings, Buck Owens. All The King Of Rock & Roll's (Elvis) Men and his Ladies too! etc. My personal Guitar Library is one of the largest in the country so I've seen many great videos and methods. Simply put your Materials form some of the highest Guitar Educational Materials I've seen to date! One certainly cannot find many that equal the value for the Price of the investment! Just thought you should know that! Job well done sir! Next time I'm at the California NAAM show. I'd like to say Hello and shake your hand. Thanks & GBY Anthony from Chicago

**Thank you so much!  I can honestly say using these lessons I have gone from having trouble with "Hotel California"  to ripping through Steve Vai and the like in 6 months.  Wow!!!!!  I would be happy to give any testimonial.  Best regards,   Adam Stout

**Thanks. I just want to say that you are a great teacher and wonderful person. I have been purchasing your teaching materials for years and they have helped me immensely. But more than the technical teaching has been the sense of truly making music that you have conveyed. I really appreciate your ministry to all of us.   Blessings,   Don Lyon 


**I just finished my first review of the 13 guitar chord licks and they are such an eye opener I can't believe it.  I have heard some of these licks used in tunes for years and never could have figured them out on my own.  You continue to amaze me and with your outstanding playing and teaching techniques.  With your help I am becoming a little better each day.


**Was just playing exercise #1, scales and intervals from the Guitar College package, and it was amazing.  It's just the right blend of ear training and note reading, as well developing an appreciation for developing a sequence.  The videos look like the rest of the sequences will be very good.  Each one of those things supports the learning of the other.  I found myself relying on the notation on the musical staff first, then my finger memory and ear from the previous lessons.   Kind of exciting.  Now to the metronome and speed.   So thanks

**Rich's Rhythm Guitar course changed my entire view of the guitar and probably my life for good.

**I cannot say enough good things about the Starter Pack and about Rich's teaching style in general. I think Rich is truly a gifted educator. After twenty years of playing I finally feel as though I am building a good foundation! Thank you so much!

**Just wanted to say thanks for all your great teaching..really makes a difference. I feel I have grown as a musician. Looking forward to new videos. Hope to see one on argeggios.

**I must thank you again as you have inspired me to become a better skilled and accomplished guitarist since I met you at the Roseville TMS last September. I've purchased one of your Guitar College kits and have grown in my abilities since applying the techniques and theories provided. I hope to meet you again this fall.

**I have been working with your "Theory for the Road" course. Thanks for providing such a great course for a mere 20 bucks

**Rich has a real talent for teaching.  I tell everyone I can to check out Rich's methods.  His materials are very well done and presented. I have experience with his jazz oriented courses and offerings.

**Your "Rhythm guitar course" made me who I am today. Thanks Rich! I learned A LOT from you.

**By the way Rich, I've been playing and collecting study material for guitar since 1971. (Homespun, Hot Licks, DVD's, cassettes, computer media, you name it) and all I can say is that I kick myself for not having jumped on your course when I first spotted it years ago.
Now that I've downloaded some  of your lessons, in particular the Jazz material, it has opened up my eyes to how Jazz guitar should really be taught. Especially from the "Standards" perspective you take since eventually we Jazzers need to build a nice repertoire of songs to perform anyway.
Most courses just spend too much time teaching technique and chords and scales and arpeggios, but then leave you sort of wondering how does this all work within the framework of a song? Your course tackles this nicely and I feel that in just the short time I have been working with some of your songs I have progressed so much farther than other courses that had me spining around in circles.
I wasted so many years on just grasping a concept here and a concept there just to fill in the missing pieces of the overall puzzle. I sort of feel like the Prodigal son coming back home to his father who always had the answers he may have been searching for to begin with.
I'm going to stay on board and continue to work with your material because I feel there is a wealth of information here that is going to help me shorten my path to my overall goal. Plus your overall experience and knowledge clearly shows in your playing and attitude. I'm sure glad I came back and took a second look!

**I just received the deluxe college starter e-pack last week, and so far it's the best thing I bought ever for guitar study!
I'm working through the "Theory for the Road" now. I breezed through the first three sections, since I did study theory for two years in high school and a year in college (25 years ago!). Now it's into the harder part - ear training, recognizing chord sequences, etc, so I'm slowing down a bit.
I also started working the Rhythm Guitar last night. I've been looking to improve what I can do with chords in my church band, and I like that you demonstrate the chords in a "groovy way" so I can hear immediately the new sound I can create. I've been in a rut, mostly using the E and A forms, so I'm pushing hard to be able to grab the other forms.
Just one more word to you: Awesome!

**I've order several of your lessons they are nothing short of a New Standard in Teaching  Excellence! The Music the approach and your particular Demeanor in explanation is outstanding. I realized  today that I have a Book of yours from Dale Zdneck Publications "Country & Country Rock Guitar Solos". Great Book by the way.

**I just finished my first review of the 13 guitar chord licks and they are such an eye opener I can't believe it.  I have heard some of these licks used in tunes for years and never could have figured them out on my own.  You continue to amaze me and with your outstanding playing and teaching techniques.  With your help I am becoming a little better each day.

**I have been "craving" this type of material for years.You are an excellent teacher/guitarist.
I am placing you next to my two favorite guitarist,Ted Greene &Ed Bickert.Keep up the good work

**Man I owe you a real debt of gratitude. I have been trying to learn theory for years and never could quite grasp it. I have the theory for Dummies book and the new complete guitarists book and I never could grasp an understanding of it. I have recently purchased your Theory for the Road CD set and BAM! The process in which you explain it is simply genius. I was really happy to stumble onto your web page. I spend a lot of time driving between towns to see my son and my fiancé so I have no lack of driving time, usually no less than 700 miles per week. With the price I am paying in gas for that time I may as well make that time constructive right?

**I met you and your wife at the Worship Seminar in Vancouver and I purchased an upgraded version of your starter package.  I am absolutely loving it and learning lots already!

**I bought the starter pack from you at the worship conference at Saddleback Church in June.  Just the "Theory for the Road" CD's alone are worth the price I paid.  I love the ear training CD.  Some of the stuff I'm already familiar with, but I've learned to think about alot of that stuff in new ways.  Also there is some of the material that is new to me.  I really appreciate all the work you're doing and I appreciate you making it affordable for the average Joe.  From the brief time we talked, it seems to me you have a great heart and a teacher's spirit.  I hope God blesses you in everything you do.

**You have an excellent teaching style and I am enjoying the learning process.

**Thank you so much for your great teaching programs and helping all of us self taught guitar  players grow musically. I saw you perform at the last namm show. You are such a great player and it inspires me to grow and push myself to be a better musician. 

**I'm probably one of your oldest students (59) I recently ordered plan 2 and the dvd for theory & tech. Your courses are fantastic! I have gone through many, many books since I started playing at the age of 12, I got to a certain playing level and my progress stopped , I was frustated until now, with your method of teaching I'm already moving forward. Ron 

**I'm lovin' the video magazine. It's more than just lessons it's inspirational. I'm attempting things that I normally would have passed over. Great idea, keep up the great work.

**I just got my Starter Package (Theory 1, Rhythm 1, etc), and went through the first few lessons. I wanted to compliment you on the content of the lessons – they’re great! At first, I was intimidated because you cover so much in the courses – and I about fainted when you did that circular picking (mine is, as you said, totally uneven!). But, I’m determined to tackle it a little at a time, and not give up. Sure, I’ve seen more “polished” guitar lesson stuff available, but your content and teaching method is miles ahead of anything else I’ve seen. I truly believe that I can improve to the point where I can play on our church worship team if I stick to your lessons. Thanks for the lessons! AY, Ujion City, CA

** Thanks for creating what is without doubt the best, most comprehensive, systematic, user friendly, and affordable guitar curriculum ever! I never thought I would be able to progress beyond the point I was at.  I had been playing at essentially the same level for the last 20 years. In just a month I have already learned more than I have in the last 10 years. I especially appreciate the systematic nature of the program. It is not just a bunch of licks to memorize. The Theory For The Road is my favorite part so far. I work 12 to 14 hours a day plus weekends as a rural family physician and have never gotten over my love of the guitar. I always felt that by spending time playing and practicing I was taking time away from my family and my work. Now I can learn in the car! I

**I got the 4 lesson that I ordered from GuitarCollege and I'm lovin' it. I thank the Lord for your skill and dedication to both faithfully witness for Him and also teach with such insight.

**I just wanted to let you know I completed the theory for the road CD set, what a great item! I finally learned my scales and key signatures after all these years of knowing I should and just not knowing how to really go about it. I think the exercises and explanations were really terrific -this was more valuable to me than a music theory course I took in college many years ago. Its a great tool to understand chords and progressions as well. Thanks, JS, Jim Thorpe, PA

**I got my Guitar College Starter Pack in the mail yesterday and began it last night. I wanted to tell you how much I like it. Halleluiah! Someone is telling me HOW to hold a pick! In the 3 years I've been learning guitar, I've been searching for technique pointers, as I need help in this area. I think I even made progress in the few hours I spent last night.

**Just a short note to tell you what a difference your course has made in my music life. Like many, I played for decades without being able to really progress due to lack of knowledge of harmony, melody, theory and technique.  Despite being perceived as an accomplished player, I knew the truth, that was stuck in the same old blues/pentatonic scale rut.  Listening to players such as Larry Carlton, George Benson and Wes Montgomery, I thirsted for the direction to be able to understand and replicate their styles. Other instruction books had huge gaps in information which made them un-useful.  I am so glad I ordered your starter kit, I am almost done with recording the Daily Exercises in Theory and Technique I (#4 is a monster!!), and have completed Theory for the Road.  Material that seemed beyond me, you made easy to grasp. I particularly like to the fact that you stress there are no shortcuts, it is only with hard work, challenging yourself and commitment that one see’s results.  Your step-by-step method is logical and progressive, and makes learning exciting and satisfying, not frustrating like so much other instruction

**I'm very thankful for guitar college.  Your courses and video magazine are awesome Rich,  keep up the good work.

**Received your Blues #1 DVD today and I have to say that  I am very  impressed.  I really do like the way you approach the course by not  going in sequence with the book.  Go through the course is going to  be much more enjoyable.  Anyway, good job!

**Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy the Video Magazine. I hope you continue this feature. It's worth the price and then some. I really appreciate the way you and the other artists present new ideas and music lessons, tips, etc. Keep up the good work and we'll keep supporting you! RS, Lee's Summit, MO

**I love your course materials. So far I've gone through the Theory for the Road disc(one time through..I already know a little about theory but you presented it in such an organized, easy to understand, sensible way that makes things much more clear. Of course, I will need listen to them repeatedly) and have just begun the rhythm and theory courses. Very well-structured. Just what I need to finally understand and advance my playing level after all these years. RV, Sarasota, FL

**Just to let you know I attended your classes at Breakforth Edmonton. Ive played for years got educated in theory, dabled in jazz etc, but .. sadly never mastered it. I gotta say after sitting in on your classes I walked away with more understanding than all those previous years of hard work! Im definitly going to apply it in the worship group! Thanks ...

**Let me first say that I have been a self taught guitarist for a number of years. I have picked up a lot of information from dozens of books and magazines. Over the last year or so I have had a deep desire to take my instrument more seriously I took lessons but the teachers just didn't cut it. I found your website and decided to give your courses a chance. I purchased the budget starter pack. I have had your courses for just a week and I can't believe the difference in my knowledge. I had many of the pieces in my head but only you have been able to connect the dots for me. I just wanted to say thank you (best $175. I have ever spent). KB, Cranston, RI

**I just received jazz 101 today , the tune and explanations and solos are great, I want to play bebop jazz but did'nt know how I could learn to play it, after I watched your dvd I now know that it is doable. The way you teach is excellent , it seems like you're a down to earth guy with a good sense of humor as well as a great player, I'm really looking forward to playing jazz, that's my life long dream. Thanks again for your excellent courses. RB, Milwaukee, WI

**I just wanted to say that I discovered your jazz guitar course a couple of months ago and I am enjoying it immensely. My playing has ratcheted up just from listening to your stuff. Right now I have on Improv Workout Vol.1. I'm into working with it, but like to just listen as well. Keep up the good work! GB, North Scituate, RI

**After seeing you at various guitars show in the Dallas area, I decided to subscribe to the video magazine and after 6 excellent issues I have just resubscribed for the next year. I have thoroughly enjoyed every DVD and watch the lesson sections over and over. After 30 years of playing guitar I have always wanted to play chord melody style jazz and thanks to you I now have four (soon to be six) tunes under my belt. Tunes, I should say, that I have always enjoyed and wanted to play. Thanks again for a wonderful product. I look forward to the next six DVDs.GA, Frisco, TX

**I would just like to take some time to thank you for your wonderful Guitar College courses; they have been greatly beneficial to me. I am currently 43 years of age and started playing when I was in junior high. I stopped playing in college, and then resumed playing about 6-7 years ago. Since then I have primarily been playing in a praise band in church, and that has been a great experience. Your courses have helped immensely in this ministry. They have provided much insight into theory, and I really appreciate the fact that you rehearse all the lines with the students. It is just like having a personal instructor in your living room, and, in my opinion, is much more helpful than the usual book/CD guitar instruction packages. More recently, I have decided to learn to play jazz guitar, and thus I purchased your Jazz 101 video, and all 4 Jazz courses. They have been outstanding, and I have learned very quickly as a result. DR, Peoria, Il

**I find Guitar College approach is the best in the world. And your DVD magazine concept is also the best. I wasted all these years with books and materials that are not systematically structured to approach the awesome task. How can we make all the struggling guitar students out there not to waste time but enroll in Guitar College? We need to tell the world that we have the ultimate course and the best in the universe… Keep up the good work. J.L.Fullerton, CA

**I have been playing the guitar off and on for 25 years. I have taken a ton of lessons and bought hundreds of dollars of books on how to play the guitar. It wasn't until this past week when I ran into Rich Severson that I found what I had been looking for. The Guitar College is one of the best teaching systems for beginning and intermediate players. Rich has everything on CD, tabs, lead lines, rhythms, and chords. His approach is so broad that you learn more than strumming a few chords, you learn to play everything. He covers blues to jazz and country to rock. If you are looking for an incredible teaching tool to better your skills, check out the Guitar College today. Stephen M. Newman Founder and Editor, ExperiencingWorship.com

**I met you at the Valley Forge Guitar show and bought Vol. 2 and 3 of your jazz course. I'm very impressed. I have many courses and lesson tapes from Jimmy Bruno, Pat Martino and others. Make no mistake; some of them are really great. However, yours is the best, hands down. What sets yours apart is that you took the time to produce an abundant amount of instruction on the CDs. Your relaxed manner and encouraging style make it easy to work through the lessons. I felt like I was actually taking a live lesson. I've been searching for years now to find the right "path". I now have what I've been looking for. The pace is correct. The selection of material is tasteful. As soon as I finish these two, I will order the 4th book. R.W. Philly, PA 

**Just wanted you to know the course I bought from you is the best thing I ever did musically. I can't wait to close my music store, get home, tune up my old Gretch, open up your book, turn on those cd's and "Be thinking the rest of the world leave me alone, cause I'm getting busy." Lance, Lime Light Music, Atascadero, CA

**I started your Theory & Technique 1 & 2 in 94 and 95. After a year of plateau playing, my life has freed up & I can continue increasing my knowledge. I have tried many different guitar teaching tools/books. Yours, by far, are the best. My playing knowledge surpasses other players who have more years of playing experience. It kills them. J.A. 

**I have to say how pleased I am with the quality and the content of your course. You certainly have put a lot of serious effort into this work. I especially like how you play the material to set an example. This course is truly outstanding! As one who has been in the music business full time and now part time, I am so grateful to be able to have the opportunity to review forgotten material and to learn new things as well. R.C Boston,

**I ordered your Rhythm Guitar course back in 1998. I've been working on it on and mostly off, due to starting a business. In January I got back into it again and I'm so thrilled! I've finally exceeded my old level of knowledge and the whole fretboard has opened up to me. I'm regularly playing up and down the fretboard, I can play songs now easily that used to be a challenge before because I KNOW THE CHORD FORMS!! I just wish I had more time to practice and wish I had this course in my 20's rather than 40's! But better late than never. C.U. Tucson, AZ

**As far as the contents of the course, I feel that it is everything that I have been looking for. As a self-taught student, I have wasted a lot of time on books and courses that had no direction, so I am thankful to find Guitar College. I was also impressed with the quality of the material. K.S. Dayton, OH

**I think you are a great teacher because you put a "human element" to your teaching. No one is perfect, but you try to be as perfect as you can, without hiding an occasional mistake. That's being down to earth, I like that. L.A. El Paso, TX 

**As far as the contents of the course, I feel that it is everything that I have been looking for. As a self-taught student, I have wasted a lot of time on books and courses that had no direction, so I am thankful to find Guitar College. I was also impressed with the quality of the material. With all of the knowledge that is represented on those pages, K.S. Dayton, OH

**After having spent many years and dollars gathering many different method books, tapes, gimmicks, and whatever else, I can't tell you how good it is to finally find "The Real Deal." After having spent years studying mainly Blues music, I realized that's all I knew. After Working in the Rhythm and Theory & Technique 1 it became apparent I was on the right track. I have failed to spend the time the way I should have developing the technique. The time I do have to spend is so much more enjoyable going through your material. It's like you are teaching my wife & I right in our living room. Thanks again for offering such a good, comprehensible, enjoyable, on-target course. I hope to get them all. J & S

**This will be the first 'formal' training I have ever had. I like the idea of structured practice that you emphasize in the new student booklet. I have a web page dedicated to listing the very best guitar web pages on the Internet. I would like permission to list yours there. Thank you for what I am sure will be a challenging and rewarding opportunity to, finally, become a good guitarist. G.T. Bossier City, LA

**I would like to congratulate you for your great work. For the first time, I found a well-organized and sequential guitar course. It is the best guitar pack and material that I've bought. Keep up the great work! A.C. Garrochales, PR

**This material has been really helpful! I'm just beginning to really be able to use it in improvising, but it is coming together very quickly. I've spent 5 years fumbling through scales and modes, arpeggios, etc. Your course work has helped me get this stuff together in about 8 months. Thanks! E.E. Wethersfield, CT

**I have just completed Theory & Technique Vol.1 and was very satisfied with the course. My fingers are flying over the fretboard and I really learned a lot. J.M. Manalapan, NJ 

**I took your course. It has made me one of the most sought after guitar instructors in this area. I want to Thank you. C.R. Uniontown, PA

**I have always been intrigued by the guitar, but the fretboard seemed like some sort of cryptic maze. Guitar Theory and Technique 1 and Rhythm Guitar courses from Rich Severson's Guitar College took care of that problem. Now the fretboard is an 'easy to find your way around magical myriad.' Rich Severson is a great teacher, his Guitar College is super, I Thank you, Rich. Listen to him play and you will find one of the most solid guitar players you have heard. K.L Richmond

**This is to say Thanks for a well-structured set of courses that I am thoroughly enjoying. B.P.

**I just wanted to drop you a note and offer both my appreciation and Thanks for your Guitar College. I am beginning lesson 5 of Theory and Technique Vol. 3 and cannot believe the wealth of information in this one lesson. I feel like a kid in a candy store!!! Now I can honestly say that Guitar College is all and everything that an average to advanced guitarist could possibly require for both personal advancement and pleasure. G.F. Fox Point, WI 

**Every day practically I thank my lucky stars for finding your course. I love how one lesson builds on the next-and how easy it is to understand. I'm up to the basic chord shapes-doing them in the cycle of fourths and am amazed at what a 'simple system' the guitar really is. Your course truly is unlocking the fretboard for me. C.U. Tucson, AZ

**Your courses are exactly what I've been looking for. For me your courses are the perfect solution to take my playing to the next level. Thanks for putting together a great product! You will undoubtedly see future orders from me and I plan to send in my recordings and quizzes to obtain the Certificate of completion. What a great idea for motivation! Oh, by the way, you have a very pleasant speaking voice and you very skillfully recorded the sessions as if you were talking directly to the person listening. Very well done. I really am impressed with Guitar College. J.J. Ronkonkoma, NY

**Let me tell you how pleased I am with your Blues Vol. 1 and Rhythm guitar lessons. They are better than any instructional book or video I've tried. You are straight to the point and explain things very simply. I feel like I can master the guitar with your courses-be put in any band or playing situation and get through it with no problem. Keep up the good work. S.U.

**Met you at the Arlington Guitar show. Wanted to let you know this is fantastic info and your methods are well presented and easy to follow. I can see my playing has improved substantially since I started with your program. Just wanted to say Thanks for offering such a good program and it was a pleasure meeting you at the show. B.S.

**Thanks Rich, it's great to be able to communicate with you. Your Courses are the best and I look forward to each new lesson. You make me feel like I actually will be a good guitarist someday. KB, Cranston, RI

**Just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am about your courses.  I ordered three course from you in 2001 or 2002.  Rhythm Guitar,  Theory and Technique and Blues Volume 1.  But, like a lot of people I thought there was an easier way to learn and I got lazy and stopped doing the courses.  I was born with CP and the guitar was a real lifesaver to me . It gave me something to do where I felt equal to the other kids who were playing hockey, ball etc. I finally realized that you were right about playing the guitar.  I have been playing since I was 15 and I am now 54. I  play in a trio and I play lead guitar.  I realized that my playing was going nowhere I wasn't improving the same old things over and over.  I have started the courses again and this time I am determined to finish them and order more.  I can finally see what you were talking about.  Your method really helps you learn and improve I can really see a difference and I know it will take me a while to break these old bad habits like the way I was picking etc.  But this time I will succeed. Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction.  E.W.
** Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the latest video magazine.  I really liked the lesson by Steve Kuykendal.  It's little things like this lesson that I find very useful and makes the subscription worth the money.  I also enjoyed hearing the session guys talk.  I would also find more of this very interesting as well, especially if these guys would share info on the gear they use and how they typically approach laying down guitar parts.

I am 44 and have been an amateur guitar player since I was 20 (I was in college and just felt like buying a guitar and trying it out, with no prompting or coaching from anyone. Overall, that was one of my great decisions!) During that time I have spent most of my time playing fingerstyle arrangements of various types of songs. I guess you could say I was quite typical of so many people playing guitar because much of what your literature says about playing but not learning or getting better applied to me. I took lessons for a few years in my 30's and learned some theory and other things but eventually got frustrated with that because I wasn't able to see how the whole picture came together. Plus, I felt like the teacher(s) wanted to steer me into the style of playing that they preferred themselves, whether or not I was interested in that. Then I received some of your literature on the guitar college and, after procrastinating for a couple of years (and speaking with you on a couple of brief occasions), I took the plunge and bought your entire course.
Now, one year later, I couldn't be more please with it! I decided to follow your advice and proceed slowly through your material, starting first with "Theory and Technique" book 1 and Rhythm Guitar book 1. I fully expected that, even moving slowly, I could "blow through" that material within a month or so because I felt I knew most of that already. Wow, was I ever wrong! I've just now finished those two courses--12 full months later! For the first time I really believe that I'm on the right track with respect to learning how to play the guitar and that the ability to become truly good is within my grasp. I still have a long ways to go, but I can't wait to tackle one of the next courses. Thank you for developing the course, and I look forward to talking with you sometime in the future about it. PT,