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Here is the latest update for the Yosemite Jazz Workshop.  Looks like the workshop is a go contingent on the guidelines for the California level 2 red tier regulations and assuming there are no major outbreaks and Madera county will be in that level or higher by then. 


Phase 2 Reopening: While Madera County is in the California ORANGE Tier:

1 ECCO will continue to offer individual, couple and household “retreats”

2 Small and medium sized conferences/groups will be allowed at this time
a. Up to 120 attendees may participate in a conference/group event
b. Up to 140 total guests may be on campus at a time
c. People who are NOT in the same household can share rooms IF both parties have been vaccinated
i. Only two unrelated guests per rooms regardless of the number of beds
ii. Up to four members of the same household may share a quad room
iii. Masks must be worn when interacting with other guests
iv. When in meeting rooms, all guests must wear masks
d. Room set up must allow for social distancing
i. Hand sanitizer will be available for guests in Lyles Hall and meeting rooms
ii. Maximum occupancy at this stage:
    1. Walters Chapel: maximum of 133 people with social distancing and masks
    2. Barton Room: maximum of 32 people with social distancing and masks
    3. Lower Lyles East: maximum of 30 people with social distancing and masks e.

Meals will be served cafeteria style.
f. No more than 6 people to a table (preferable seating is 3 or 5 to avoid direct face to face interaction across the table).
Masks are to be worn unless actively eating or drinking.
g. No more than 104 people may be in the dining area at any given time. Social distancing is required.
h. Outdoor dining is preferred, and indoor is allowable when:
i. Tables/guests are socially distanced
ii. During inclement weather ***a staggered meal schedule may be utilized

3 Guests are permitted to use the grounds for outdoor games, hiking, and relaxation. When alone or with household group, masks are not required outdoors. When engaging with others, masks are required.

Vaccinations will NOT be required so if that makes you uncomfortable it’s your call to attend or not.