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I love guitars and when I find nice, affordable ones that I would play, I buy them.  I clean, fix and set them up the way I like to play them and resell them to my friends and students.  Sometimes I also have equipment that I no longer need that one of you could use.  Rather than putting these items on Ebay, Reverb or Craigslist and dealing with strangers, I like to offer these to my friends and students.  I would much rather deal with someone I know and trust instead of a stranger and I'm sure you would too.    

GIBSON ES-165 Herb Ellis 1996 (Demo)

Sorry this guitar is sold


GIBSON L5ces 1978 Sunburst

Sorry this guitar is sold


YAMAHA AES 1500 w/Road Runner HSC

Sorry this guitar is sold.

Orig.: $1,899.00
Sale: $1,099.99


Sorry this guitar is sold.  Here's what the new owner Mike has to say I am definitely keeping the guitar — really like the tone.  Thanks for your help and advice concerning setup.

Orig.: $2,499.00
Sale: $2,299.00