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I love guitars and when I find nice, affordable ones that I would play, I buy them.  I clean, fix and set them up the way I like to play them and resell them to my friends and students.  Sometimes I also have equipment that I no longer need that one of you could use.  Rather than putting these items on Ebay, Reverb or Craigslist and dealing with strangers, I like to offer these to my friends and students.  I would much rather deal with someone I know and trust instead of a stranger and I'm sure you would too. ...Rich

If you are interested in a particular model call or email Rich for price and availability. Email him at rich@guitarcollege.com or call 805-460-6370 with questions, and correct shipping charges to your area

Rich endorses Heritage Guitars, made in the USA.  He's admired these beautiful instruments for years and it's a dream come true now to be sponsored by them.  As a dealer he can also offer new hand crafted works of art to my students at special prices.  Call me and I'll help you pick the options for your new Heritage Guitar and give you the special Guitar College student pricing.

Rich is an Eastman endorsee and dealer too.  He will be happy to find the right guitar for you. 


Sorry its sold

Orig.: $2,600.00
Sale: $1,695.00

Eastman T59 IN Sunburst w/case

Orig.: $2,499.00
Sale: $1,775.00

Eastman ar910ce

Orig.: $4,599.00
Sale: $2,795.00

Heritage 535 Sunburst New With Case

Orig.: $3,199.00
Sale: $2,695.00

Ibanez Lawsuit Johnny Smith 1975

Orig.: $5,500.00
Sale: $3,895.00

2003 Heritage SWEET 16
2003 Heritage SWEET 16

Orig.: $5,500.00
Sale: $4,495.00

2011 Heritage Sweet 16 in Blonde (Demo)
2001 Heritage Sweet 16 in Blonde

Orig.: $5,500.00
Sale: $4,195.00

1973 Gibson ES-150D