Heritage Guitars
Dream Guitars Made to Order

 I'm pleased to announce I'm now endorsing Heritage Guitars, made in the USA.  I've admired these beautiful instruments for years and it's a dream come true now to be sponsored by them.  I'm also able to offer new hand crafted works of art to my students at special prices.  Call me and I'll help you pick the options for your new Heritage Guitar and give you the special Guitar College student pricing. 

Heritage is more like a large custom shop where guitars are made to order rather than a high production guitar factory like Gibson.  The Heritage factory is the filled a history of quality. The historic 225 Parsons Street workshop in Kalamazoo Michigan was the original location of Gibson Guitars from 1917 until 1984. This is the same workshop where the iconic guitars like the Gibson L5, Super 400, es-335, es-175 and Les Paul were developed and crafted for decades.

When Gibson corporate heads decided to move to Nashville many of the Gibson luthiers didn't want to uproot and decided to pool their resources to start the Heritage Guitar Co.  Staying true to the previous handcrafted workmanship of Gibson, Heritage's quality and attention to detail makes them the one of the finest guitars most of us will ever play.

Previously Owned Heritage Guitars

I've been so impressed with these Heritage Guitars that I also search to find gently used ones that I check out, upgrade as needed, detail and set up to my specific standards so they look and play great.  Then I offer my students a quality used guitar that meets my standards at an fair price.  I make a video demo so you can see every inch of the guitar and hear exactly how it sounds taking the guess work out of buying a guitar online for you.  These are guitars I would be honored to play and are ready for you to take to a gig.  Check below to see what I have available or call me if there is something in particular that you're looking for.

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Blonde Heritage 576 (1990)


Heritage H550 1996

Sorry this guitar is sold!!

Orig.: $3,800.00
Sale: $2,995.00

GOLDEN EAGLE 1993 (Demo)


Orig.: $3,595.00
Sale: $3,295.00

2006 Heritage 575 CUSTOM (demo)

Sorry this guitar is sold

Orig.: $3,995.00
Sale: $2,799.00

1997 Heritage 575 CUSTOM one pickup

Sorry this guitar is sold Thanks Rich for my Heritage 575 Custom.  It is a beautiful guitar, the set up changes you made left it dialed in and ready to play.  The tone of this guitar is full and balanced across the fingerboard.  I have been playing it out and get more compliments than ever.  They seem to be more about the appearance and tone of the guitar than my actual playing…..but I still love the compliments  Thanks for all your help with finding this guitar and it is nice to buy an instrument through someone whom is known and trusted, as well as a great player.”   Clay King


Almond Sunburst Heritage 575 1989 (Demo)

Sorry this Guitar Is Sold


2011 Heritage Sweet 16 in Blonde (Demo)

Sorry this guitar is sold

Orig.: $5,000.00
Sale: $3,395.00

Heritage 1989 Golden Eagle w/ Floating Bennedetto (Demo)

Sorry this guitar is sold!


2003 GOLDEN EAGLE (Demo)



Blonde Heritage 575 1992 (Demo)

Sorry this guitar is sold This isn't a Standard 575, this is an Enriched 575. It is all you said it would be.  Needless to say I am exceptionally pleased.   I  had forgot how solid the Heritage guitars can be.  I like your choice of light tape-wound strings with the low action setup, it certainly has that warm, smooth, JAZZ sound.  I too like the frets and the neck is especially comfortable.  Dale

Orig.: $3,200.00
Sale: $2,195.00

2004 Heritage 575 Custom with Spruce Top (Demo)

Sorry this guitar is sold

Orig.: $3,899.00
Sale: $2,799.00

2014 Heritage 575 Custom (Demo)

Sorry this guitar is SOLD Oh man, what a sweet tone!  And, it is even more beautiful than the pics!  It arrived in perfect condition.  I just LOVE IT!! Thanks, Rich!!  Syl.

Orig.: $3,200.00
Sale: $2,799.00

Heritage 2003 575 (Demo)

Sorry this guitar is sold  Hi Rich just wanted to give you some feedback  I LOVE IT! I have gigged with it now 3 times and I have done a couple rehearsals. It really sounds great...no hum..no feedback and it has more sustain which I love! So Thx for a great guitar...worth the money :)  George

Orig.: $2,995.00
Sale: $2,195.00


Sorry this guitar is sold

Orig.: $4,500.00
Sale: $2,995.00

Heritage 575 2011 Like New (Video Demo)

This guitar is SOLD

Orig.: $2,999.50
Sale: $2,495.00

Heritage Eagle Classic 2005 (Video Demo)

Sorry this guitar is sold

Orig.: $4,299.00
Sale: $2,995.00

EAGLE CLASSIC w/upgrades (Video demo) SOLD

This guitar is SOLD. Call to order your own personalized Heritage

Orig.: $6,720.00
Sale: $4,368.00

H575 Custom w/upgrades SOLD

This guitar is SOLD. Call to order your own personalized guitar 

Orig.: $5,100.00
Sale: $3,828.00

575 Heritage Custom 2008 Sorry this guitar is sold

Orig.: $3,800.00
Sale: $2,799.00

Heritage 575 Custom (Demo) Sorry this guitar is SOLD!

Sorry this guitar is SOLD!

Orig.: $3,800.00
Sale: $2,699.00