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Blues Scale Potential Collection: https://guitarcollegelibrary.com/programs/collection-almfbzzxozk

This set will seriously change your playing forever! If I had to put a price tag on the value of this information it would easily be $1000.00 or more. I wish I had learned all of the concepts together in one collection when I was a young player instead of accumulating bits and pieces throughout the years. You will learn blues concepts along with lessons to build your chops and develop creative ideas. Blues plays an important role in mastering jazz and these lessons will teach you how to quit playing those same old blues licks and get "outside the blues box". The collection comes with 105 minutes of video in 5 different lessons, plus, PDF music sheets in tab, notation, and chord grids
Old Price: $23.99
New Price: $15.99 = 33% off!!

*********NEED A NEW JAZZ GUITAR**********
Get one personally inspected, modified, and set up by Rich!

—Heritage 575 Standard—

Two of the standout features of this older Heritage 575 Standard are that it has a carved maple top and a solid mahogany neck which I believe adds warmth to the overall sound. This guitar is a great option for any type of jazz player from beginner to expert. I also love the cool, wooden pickguard.
Purchase includes a one-year subscription to the Guitar College Library - A Value of $299!!

Watch the demo video: https://youtu.be/lMpJYUcfRhY
$2,895.00 - Call: 805-460-6370 for questions

—Guild X-170 - Features Gibson Pickups & Gibson Tailpiece!

This Guild X170 is in prime condition and had already featured a couple of cool modifications from the previous owner. They replaced the Guild pickups with Gibson pickups and also installed a Gibson tailpiece. It also has a high-end bridge made by Graph Tech. I went completely through it and added my modifications including the raising of the pickup rings off the body. It sounds and plays great and has super low action. I also added my custom set of strings that feature a 48,38,28, 20, 15, & 13. A killer ax for any type of jazz player!
Purchase includes a one-year subscription to the Guitar College Library - A Value of $299!!

Watch the demo video here: https://youtu.be/VRee9KrOf4o
$2,395.00 - Call: 805-460-6370 for questions

*********GUITARS COMING SOON**********
Eastman AR803CE-16D
Watch the unboxing video here: https://youtu.be/HWYrsoclhyA
Rich is currently working on this guitar as we speak and it should be ready in the next week or so!
Call: 805-460-6370 for questions

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