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Freebie Friday 3/4/22

***************HAPPY FREEBIE FRIDAY!****************

Get Instant Access To The Full Lesson Below At The Guitar College Library!

Summertime Simple Solo - Free Lesson w/ MP3 Track: https://guitarcollegelibrary.com/programs/sumtymsimpsolomp4-8cbe05

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Summertime is a song that every jazz guitar must know, and now you get a chance to learn a crafted solo from Rich to add to this crowd favorite! Rich walks you step-by-step through a two-chorus, 32 bar, simple solo that's hooky, lyrical, and fun to play! The best part is, Rich describes the origin of each note throughout the solo so you get the moves ingrained in your brain which will allow you to use the licks in other songs! The 34-minute video lesson also includes PDF music sheets in tab and notation, plus 2 Mp3 practice tracks in two tempos. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn for FREE!! Enjoy!

Freebie Friday Coupon Code: FFSUMSS

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Select 'Rent "Summertime Simple Solo"' and Click 'Continue'
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Enter Coupon Code in the field to the right that says "Coupon or Gift Card" and Click 'Complete'
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This set will seriously change your playing forever! If I had to put a price tag on the value of this information it would easily be $1000.00 or more. I wish I had learned all of the concepts together in one collection when I was a young player instead of accumulating bits and pieces throughout the years. You will learn blues concepts along with lessons to build your chops and develop creative ideas. Blues plays an important role in mastering jazz and these lessons will teach you how to quit playing those same old blues licks and get "outside the blues box". The collection comes with 105 minutes of video in 5 different lessons, plus, PDF music sheets in tab, notation, and chord grids.
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