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Understanding Modes Collection

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Understanding Modes Collection:

Are you confused by modes? Turns out, they don’t have to be super complicated! In the ‘Understanding Modes Collection,’ Rich discusses what they are, how to use them, and why you should know them. Many instructors either overcomplicate or oversimplify modes. They are meant to help you learn and understand the fretboard and interpret chord changes. You will finally end the confusion and headaches and get an acute insight into how to make the modes work for you. This collection includes Rich's "Modes, End the Confusion" discussion and 4 other exercise lessons. It contains 131 minutes of videos with PDF music sheets in tab and notation. It’s time for you to get a grasp on modes once and for all!

Old Price: $24.99
New Price: $15.99 = 33% off!!

***********NEED NEW STRINGS?************

Rich's Custom Gauge Sets Are On Sale Now!


*********NEED A NEW JAZZ GUITAR**********
Get one personally inspected, modified, and set up by Rich!

*****Eastman AR803CE-16D*****
Perfect working order with a few minor cosmetic flaws. The action is low after my full neck adjustment and the frets have almost no wear. All electronics have been dusted and cleaned. There are some scuffs on the top and some dings in the paint on the back which will not affect the smooth sound. I have added all of my usual modifications including raising the pickup rings off the top for more resonance. My custom gauge strings have also been added. This guitar is a great beginner guitar and perfect for gigging pros who want to leave their prized guitars at home.
Demo Video Coming Soon!
Watch the unboxing video here: https://youtu.be/HWYrsoclhyA
$1,795.00 - Call: 805-460-6370
Purchase includes a one-year subscription to the Guitar College Library - A Value of $299!!

*****Heritage 575 Standard*****
Two of the standout features of this older Heritage 575 Standard are that it has a carved maple top and a solid mahogany neck which I believe adds warmth to the overall sound. This guitar is a great option for any type of jazz player from beginner to expert. I also love the cool, wooden pickguard.
Purchase includes a one-year subscription to the Guitar College Library - A Value of $299!!

Watch the demo video: https://youtu.be/lMpJYUcfRhY
$2,895.00 - Call: 805-460-6370 for questions

*********GUITARS COMING SOON**********

Samick JZ-2 Lasalle Gregg Bennett
Guild A-150 Sunburst

Rich is currently working on both of these guitars as we speak and they should be ready in the next week or so!

Call: 805-460-6370 for questions

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