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Freebie Friday Lesson!

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Free Lesson w/ MP3 Track:
All The Things You Are Chord Melody-https://guitarcollegelibrary.com/programs/rsthingsurcmelmp4-44046-77977e

This tune is essential for every serious jazz player and now you can learn it for free!! Rich's original chord melody arrangement of this classic jazz standard from the '40s is voiced to be played with a combo but it can easily be adapted to be a great solo piece by adding a bass line. The beauty of this song is it will make you better because of the sequential chord changes. Rich makes learning the chord melody fun and simple by demonstrating each measure slowing and up close. He also shows you how to use a metronome to get it ingrained into your mind before jumping to the next level, which is playing it using the three Mp3 practice tracks that are also included. The 22-minute video also contains PDF music sheets in tab and notation. It comes with everything you need to become an expert!

Freebie Friday Coupon Code: FREEBIE318

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