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Trust Me... I Can Teach You To Play Jazz


The Right Stuff Collection:

Are you trying to advance from rock or blues?
Do you find jazz intimidating? What if I told you it’s not!
In fact, you probably already have the skills to get there rather easily... Interested?
My lessons in “The Right Stuff” collection are catered around you!
I can take a rock or blues guy and take their playing to the next level.
This lesson will teach you how to play improvisational jazz very quickly!
“The Right Stuff” collection features 5 videos to enhance your playing.
Each video contains PDF music sheets and there are also MP3 practice tracks included.
Now is your chance to SAVE BIG!
Don’t wait! This sale only lasts for one week!

Old Price: $37.99
New Price: $25.99 = 33% off!!

*********NEED A NEW JAZZ GUITAR**********
Get one personally inspected, modified, and set up by Rich!

*****Eastman AR803CE-16 - Classic Antique Finish*****

Single Pickup Sweetness Makes For A Crazy Good Jazz Sound!
I believe is one of Eastman's best-sounding models, especially because of the one pickup design.
This guitar is in stellar condition. It looks brand new and the wine-colored classic antique finish really dazzles the eyes!
This guitar has a classic yet punchy jazz sound that is phenomenal in my opinion.
I have inspected it and added all of my usual modifications including raising the pickup rings off the top for more resonance.
It plays like a dream because of the super low action and my custom gauge strings.
Hear how it sounds right now!! Click here: https://youtu.be/DMxMxhNXO-8

A Smokin' Deal!
$1,995.00 - Call: 805-460-6370
Purchase includes a one-year subscription to the Guitar College Library - A Value of $299!!

*****Guild A-150 - Antique Sunburst*****

I Love This Old School Sound & Single Coil Floating Pickup Design!
This guitar sounds warm and aged thanks to the cool DeArmond 1000 Rhythm Chief floating pickup
The size and dimensions offer a lot of comfort and playability and you really can't beat the value!
This is a great gigging guitar because of its versatility and price.
I went through the guitar but it really didn't need much work.
It is in excellent condition and plays like butter after I adjusted the neck and added my custom strings.
This guitar is going to sell fast. If you like it, don't wait!
Hear how it sounds right now!! Click here: https://youtu.be/4XsYlR9XbUo

A Bargain Price!
$1,249.00 - Call: 805-460-6370
Purchase includes a one-year subscription to the Guitar College Library - A Value of $299!!

Coming Soon!
*****Guild X-700*****

Rich is currently working on this guitar as we speak and it should be ready next week!
If you are interested, call right away before my review video gets posted to YouTube!!
Call: 805-460-6370 for pricing questions

***********NEED NEW STRINGS?************

Rich's Custom Gauge Sets Are On Sale Now!

New Sale! - 3 Sets for $60!


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