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Here's Your Freebie Friday Lesson!! Enjoy!

***************HAPPY FREEBIE FRIDAY!****************

Get Instant Access To The Full Lesson Below At The Guitar College Library!

Free Lesson w/ MP3 Track: Girl From Ipanema - Octave Solo
Use Freebie Friday Coupon Code: IPANEMAFREEBIE

The Girl From Ipanema is a classic standard and one of the most popular jazz songs in the world.
Now you can take your knowledge of this tune to a whole other level for free!
Learn this wonderful, crafted, Wes Montgomery-style original octave solo that will impress your listeners.
It may take some effort to learn the smooth-sounding moves but it's well worth it.
I discuss target tones that make the altered chord changes sound fantastic.
I demonstrate each measure close up and slowly so the phrases can be easily soaked in.
This 35-minute video lesson comes with PDF music sheets that show the solo in both tab and notation.
There is also a fun MP3 practice track so you can play it over and over until you get it down.
We hope you take advantage of this awesome learning opportunity!

****Don’t Wait! Freebie Friday Offer ends Sunday at Midnight!****

Here's how to get this week's Freebie Friday Lesson
Click The Link, Then Click 'Get Access Now'
Select 'Rent "Girl From Ipanema Octave Solo” and Click 'Continue'
Log in to your account, or quickly create an account by filling out the simple form
Enter Coupon Code in the field to the right that says "Coupon or Gift Card" and Click 'Complete'
You'll now have access to the Freebie Friday lesson


Theory For The Road - Audio Collection: 50% Off!

The easiest & best way to learn everything about music theory on the go!
These audio lessons explain music theory simply and thoroughly
Want to know the notes in each scale and key off the top of your head?
Now you can, and almost effortlessly!
This is the only collection that allows you to learn while you drive, walk, or exercise!
The audio examples are musically illustrated on the keyboard and guitar.
No prior knowledge of music theory is needed!
The material covered in this course is general music theory for all instruments.
Knowing music theory makes learning any instrument easier!
It enables bands to communicate more effectively and is also helpful for songwriting!
Old Price: $39.99
New Price: $19.99 = 50% off!!

Also, I Just Added A Brand New Lesson to the Library!

Eternal Triangle: https://guitarcollegelibrary.com/programs/eternal-triangle-16012-452b40

The cool bebop tune 'Eternal Triangle' is a Jazz standard by Sonny Stitt, recorded on the album Sonny Side Up.
Sonny plays this song at lightning speed but I slow it down a bit so it’s more comprehendible and playable.
My versions are still very uptempo but slow enough to really nail down the notes.
Along with teaching you the head of the tune note for note, I also show you the best way to pick the phrases so you use fewer strokes.
This will make your picking and playing more efficient and the slurred fingering secret is something you can use on countless other standards as well.
The lesson comes with PDF music sheets and 2 play-along backing tracks that makes learning it very fun and easy.
It also comes with Band In A Box files so you can slow it way down on your own!
The Price is just right at only $5.99!

We also have tons of Free Lessons on YouTube!

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That's it for now, talk to you soon!

Keep on pickin'


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