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Great Lesson Collection Under $10 + New Guitars


Mastering Josie Collection:
Now is your chance to become a master of this Steely Dan classic fusion hit!
The reason this is such an important tune to learn is that it crosses several genres.
It also appeals to a wide audience and can be played at many different kinds of gigs from rock to jazz.
I show you how to properly comp this cool chord progression with a funky guitar rhythm.
You will also hear how to play the head in a jazzy, Larry Carlton style with lots of string bends.
You’ll also learn a very challenging original solo with lots of double-time phrases that will impress your listeners.
The collection features 78 minutes of video lessons plus PDF sheet music in tab, notation, chord charts, and grids.
I also give you two play-along tracks, one for the solo and the head and another to learn the comping.
This is not an easy tune to learn but it is fun and well worth the effort.
Now is your chance to get it for half price!

Old Price: $19.99
New Price: $9.99 = 50% off!! Now through 5-16-22

*********NEED A NEW JAZZ GUITAR**********
Get one personally inspected, modified, and set up by Rich!

Coming Soon!
*****Eastman FV680-CE Frank Vignola Signature Archtop*****

Brand New, Straight from the Eastman Factory!!
Frank’s signature Eastman fuses Gypsy jazz with the cool sophistication of American swing and bebop.
This unique-looking archtop is an evolution of Frank's previous Benedetto signature model.
It has body contours based on that of the Selmer Maccaferri models made famous by Django Reinhardt.
The most notable feature is the Maccaferri style cutaway which instantly identifies this instrument's Gypsy heritage.
It has a smaller, more comfortable 15" body and a shorter, more ergonomic 25 3/8" scale.
It also features a carved cello-style tailpiece and carved ebony pickguard.
What really stands out are the stylized soundholes on the lower treble bout and a sound port on the upper bass bout.
It features a floating Lollar Johnny Smith pickup and pickguard mounted tone and volume thumb wheels.

Demo Video Coming Soon!
These Guitars Are Hard to Find!
To Buy This Before I Post it Call: 805-460-6370

Brand New Addition!
*****Guild X-150*****

Sweet Modification = Sweet Sounds
This Guild X-150 D Savoy was made in Westerly, RI in the late '90s. It has several cool modifications that add to the sweet sound!
The Bridge and tailpiece were replaced.
The bridge is a Graph Tech Resomax Archtop Bridge and the finger-style tailpiece got rid of those ghost tones from behind the bridge and helped with the sustain.
You'll notice in the demo video that the original tailpiece was off center by about a 1/8th of an inch.
The new tailpiece has been perfectly centered.
The Grover Rotomatics have been replaced with a new Grover set with the stairstep buttons to continue the Art Deco motif of the pickguard and tailpiece.
I love the way this Guild archtop sounds and feels.

Hear how it sounds right now!! Click here: https://youtu.be/iMrXX6F-YvM
This Guitar Will Sell Quickly!
$1995.00 - Call: 805-460-6370

*****Samick JZ3 LaSalle*****

An Excellent Gibson L5 Alternative!
The dimensions are nearly identical to the L5 except these are $7,000 to $12,000 cheaper!
The big 17” body unleashes an awesome tone that has a lot of warmth and resonance.
I am blown away by how close these Samicks feel and sound compared to a Gibson.
It looks new and does not have any major cosmetic issues.
After a neck adjustment and new strings, the guitar has low action and plays like a dream.
This guitar is great in almost all jazz gigging situations.

Hear how it sounds right now!! Click here: https://youtu.be/tSCFj8OlvJY
Ultra-Affordable With A Great Tone!
$799.00 - Call: 805-460-6370

*****Guild A-150 - Antique Sunburst*****
I Love This Old School Sound & Single Coil Floating Pickup Design

This guitar sounds warm and aged thanks to the cool DeArmond 1000 Rhythm Chief floating pickup
The size and dimensions offer a lot of comfort and playability and you really can't beat the value!
This is a great gigging guitar because of its versatility and price.
I went through the guitar but it really didn't need much work.
It is in excellent condition and plays like butter after I adjusted the neck and added my custom strings.
This guitar is going to sell fast. If you like it, don't wait!

Hear how it sounds right now!! Click here: https://youtu.be/4XsYlR9XbUo
A Bargain Price!
$1,199.00 - Call: 805-460-6370
Purchase includes a one-year subscription to the Guitar College Library - A Value of $299!!

***********NEED NEW STRINGS?************

Rich's Custom Gauge Sets Are On Sale Now!

New Sale! - 3 Sets for $60!


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