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Ready To Start Cookin'? - Here's Your Freebie!

Free Lesson w/ MP3 Track: Cookin' Solo #1
•   Get ready to start soloing over this classic Clifford Brown bebop tune!
•   The Solo #1 lesson features 12 bars that will give you great ideas for your own solos.
•   It contains a lot of nice bebop licks that perfect outline chords known as "Bird Changes."
•   Solo #1 will walk you through the soloing ideas and why they work.
•   It will arm you with new ammunition to start creating your own 12-bar solos.
•   Lesson includes a 13-minute video with the phrases rehearsed slowly, measure by measure.
•   Solo #1 also includes a play-along track and PDF sheet music in tab and notation.
•   If you have ever wanted to learn a bebop solo this is the perfect chance!
•   If you are looking to add new licks to the bebop tunes you already know, this is your ticket!
Use Freebie Coupon Code: FREEBIECOOKIN

Here's how to get this week's Freebie Lesson
1.   Click The Link, Then Click 'Get Access Now'
2.   Select 'Rent "Cookin Solo#1 'Continue'
3.   Log in to your account, or quickly create an account by filling out the simple form
4.   Enter Coupon Code in the field to the right that says "Coupon or Gift Card" and Click 'Complete'
5.   You'll now have access to the Freebie Friday lesson


Want to Take Your Soloing Ability Even Further? Try This!

2-5-1 Licks Collection - 50% Off This Week Only!
•   This collection will help you unlock your soloing potential!
•   I show you how jazz masters get the notes they need to form lush jazz phrases.
•   I walk you through the process of how to accurately diagram a jazz lick.
•   You’ll master the formula to create a source lick which allows you to create cool jazz lines.
•   You’ll get twelve 2-5-1 licks in major keys that are used over these common jazz progressions.
•   You'll also learn licks in 3 different minor keys, C Minor, G Minor, and E Minor.
•   You’ll get licks to use over Harmonic Minor, Bebop Harmonic Minor, and Diminished Scales.
•   The collection includes 110 minutes of video with concepts played slowly and close up.
•   You’ll also get PDF Sheeting music in both tab and notation.
•   If you want to get better at soloing, this is your ticket!
Old Price: $23.99
New Price: $11.99 = 50% off!!

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