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***************HAPPY FREEBIE FRIDAY!****************

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Free Lesson w/ MP3 Track: Blues Vs. Bebop

Use Freebie Friday Coupon Code: FREEBIEBLUES
•   End the confusion between blues, bebop, and rhythm & blues
•   Understand how and why a blues chord progression is played differently in different genres
•   Learn to recognize blues progressions in R & B, Rock & Roll, Bebop, and Jazz
•   This is essential information for EVERY aspiring jazz guitarist
•   Video lesson includes PDF sheet music written in both tab and standard notation
•   Don’t miss this chance to get this valuable information for free!

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4.   Enter Coupon Code FREEBIEBLUES in the "Coupon or Gift Card" field on the right
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*****1973 Gibson Howard Roberts Custom*****

Unique Tones - Excellent Condition!

This Gibson Howard Roberts Custom looks and sounds great!
Same Dimensions as the ES-175 but with a sound hole that provides a different tone
Awesome red wine finish with no major cosmetic issues & new pickguard
Howard Roberts model features optimal pickup placement far away from the bridge
Features a smooth-sounding Kent Armstrong humbucker
These guitars are constantly going up in value!!
Demo video coming soon!

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*****RARE!!! Heritage Eagle Classic Artisan Aged*****

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Heritage only makes a few of these Eagle Classics each year
Unique aged finished makes the guitar look like an antique
Dual pickup design delivers sweet, warm tones
I have added all of my signature modifications and my custom string gauge!
The sound and look of this guitar will impress people at your gigs!

This Guitar Will Not Last Long! Contact Me Before I Officially List It For Sale!

Call Me or Email Me for Pricing!
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