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Here's a Friday Freebie for You!

Start the New Year with a Workout! Here's a Freebie Lesson!! Enjoy!
Get Instant Access To The Full Lesson Below At The Guitar College Library!

Free Lesson w/ MP3 Track:
Guitar Player's Morning Workout #1

Wake up with Rich and grab your guitar and coffee for the Guitar Player's Morning Workout.
This is the perfect way to get your hands moving at the start of each day and take your playing to the next level.
These effective exercises are designed to build your chops by improving your dexterity and helping you master the fretboard.
Play along with the included Mp3 practice track to make your workout more musical and fun.
There are also PDF music sheets that show the exercises in tab and notation.
Don’t miss this chance to make your mornings and your playing way better, all for free!! We hope you take advantage!

Freebie Friday Coupon Code: FREEBIEWORKOUT

Here's how to get this week's Freebie Friday Lesson
1.   Click The Link Above, Then Click 'Get Access Now'
2.   Select Rent "Morning Workout #1"' and Click 'Continue'
3.   Log in to your account, or quickly create an account by filling out the simple form
4.   Enter Coupon Code in the field to the right that says "Coupon or Gift Card" and Click 'Complete'
5.   You'll now have access to the Freebie Friday lesson
6.   Offer Good Through 1-31-23

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That's it for now, talk to you soon!

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