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How To Make Guitar Playing More Fun!!

Hi! Rich Severson here...

For me, the most enjoyable experiences while playing guitar came when I knew I was getting better.
When I started seeing REAL results, playing & practicing suddenly got a lot more fun!

It happened after I started taking a structured approach to learning that was focused on
playing better solos, faster scales, cooler-sounding chords, and an overall expansion of my guitar vocabulary.

When I started noticing that I was getting better, I didn't want to put my guitar down.

Now, I want to pass on a structured method of learning
that will produce the same results for you!!

My course, 'Jazz Guitar Improv,' is designed to get you better in all these areas...
But it has a special emphasis on teaching you how to create tasteful improv solos on the fly!

The reason I focus on Improvising is because that is what most of my students dream of doing!
Is your dream to play improv solos? Then this course is for you!!

For only 2 more days, Jazz Guitar Improv is on sale for $100 off!!
The Fastest Path To Improv Soloing!

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It's your one-stop shop for becoming a great jazz player in 2023.
There's nowhere else on the web where you can find a complete learning package like this!

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Totally master and understand 6 great jazz standards to create inspired solos on the fly!
Blue Bossa
The Work Song/C Minor Blues
Tenor Madness/Bb Blues
Tune Up

+Each Song Has 10 Or More Structured Lessons Aimed At Soloing
+Learn 2 Original Solos Crafted By Rich For Each Song Before Creating Your Own
+You'll Dramatically Advance Your Jazz Vocabulary to Create Impressive Solos on Your Own
+You'll Learn Awesome Techniques Like Wes Montgomery Octaves To Make Your Solos Stand Out
+Lessons Include Fun MP3 Practice Tracks At Various Speeds, They Sound Good Enough To Use At Gigs!
+Each Song Comes With Printable Sheet Music in Tab & Notation
+You Can Take Rich's Approach On Learning These Songs and Apply Them to Any Song You Want To learn!

Don't believe it will work for you? Hear what my students say!

Are You Already A Solid Player??
If You Want To Start Learning New Songs... This Deal is For You!!
The Largest Collection of Jazz Lessons On The Web... All At Your Fingertips!!

A year-long subscription to the Guitar College Library gives you access to the biggest network
of jazz and fingerstyle guitar lessons on the web! Start learning your favorite songs now!!

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That's it for now, talk to you soon!

Keep on pickin'



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