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Freebie Lesson - Get Any Lesson You Want For Free!

Can You Do Us A Huge Favor?

Hey guys, it’s Rich! We have some exciting plans as we grow and move forward in 2023.
We are in the process of expanding and trying some new teaching methods and different lesson options.
We really need your help as we determine our exact direction, so we ask you kindly to take our quick survey.
It only takes a couple of minutes at most, and we really appreciate your willingness to help us!
We want to give you a free $10 credit to the Guitar College Library, which will allow you to pick out a single lesson of your choice.
We have hundreds of options to choose from! You’ll see instructions on how to get the credit after you submit your survey.
Again, thank you so much for helping us!!

Here's The Link to the Survey:
Just follow the instructions on the survey to get your free lesson!

Again, thanks for your support! It means the world to us that you are willing to help!
We are excited to continue to bring you new lessons to help improve your playing!

Offer Good Through Sunday 4/30/23

Don't forget - We also have tons of Free Lessons on YouTube!
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That's it for now, talk to you soon!

Keep on pickin'



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