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RICH IS LIVE NOW at  https://youtu.be/58pOhIMrG4I

Dive into the world of timeless jazz tones with our live stream where we give you a Heritage Super Eagle Review. We also have a Heritage Kenny Burrell review. Then we will compare the two to talk about the intricate details and sonic nuances of these two iconic Heritage guitar models, dissecting their unique features and discussing how they stack up against each other.

Whether you're a seasoned guitarist or a passionate music enthusiast, this livestream is your front-row seat to an in-depth comparison, helping you make an informed decision on which Heritage guitar suits your playing style and preferences.

Rich will be playing a few Christmas tunes, showing some other cool guitars, and answering your questions. Tune in and join the conversation now.

Or watch at your leisure at https://youtu.be/58pOhIMrG4I

PS: Many of you have asked where to find Rich’s Guitars For Sale. You can find them at https://www.guitarcollege.net/for-sale.html. Call or email him for the latest additions that are not even listed yet.

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