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The Aviator Cub and it's big brother the Mach 3 Combo take guitar amps to the next level.

Quilter amps may well be one of the greatest advancements in stage worthy amplifiers in the last 70 years, fusing modern technology with analog tone, Pat Quilter has designed quite possibly the ultimate in portability, power, and incredible analog tone, rivaling many of the best boutique amps available today. Using their patented technology, their amps are truly warm and tube sounding with  rich harmonics and stunning dynamics needed to make your guitar come alive.

The Aviator Cub

"A great portable light weight amp that has plenty of juice for most gigs.  For the jazz guitarist its perfect"

The Aviator Cub represents their most advanced single channel combo amplifier. After careful sourcing and testing, we packed in three historical treasures: a '60 Tweed, a '62 Blonde, and a '65 Blackface. Unleashing them is as easy as plugging into the era you want to play in. Built for speed, the Aviator Cub is as powerful as it is lightweight and economical.

Combining forces with world class speaker manufacturer Eminence, we developed a super sonic 12 inch speaker that delivers all of the charm of classic low powered speakers, but with 50 watt power handling; a speaker that's first in its class. Whether you're after the mid-range power of a Tweed, the throaty yet bell-like Blonde, or the scooped mid-range and silky highs of a Blackface, the Aviator Cub delivers it all without ever breaking a sweat.


The Mach 3 Combo

The Quilter Aviator Mach 3 represents the most lightweight and powerful two channel combo in the world today. Weighing in at a mere 21 Pounds it can handle up to a full 200 watts of tube-like power. The ultimate sleeper, choose the Mach 3 wherever you need supersonic power and tone and intend to use dual channels to their fullest extent.

When your playing takes you beyond the ordinary airspace and into the stratosphere, you need an amplifier that can keep up with you. From the lightweight and powerful tonal articulation through the multiple amplifier models and professional features like separate mix out volume controls the Mach 3 is designed to be the ultimate performing guitarist's all in one toolbox.


Call to order one of your own 805-460-6370

Orig.: $1,199.00
Sale: $1,079.00


Call to order one of your own 805-460-6370

Orig.: $699.00
Sale: $639.00