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I'm Gail Severson. I've been married to Rich Severson, the author of the Guitar College Home Study Courses, for over 30 years.  I've known for years that he's a great guitar player but more importantly I know he's also great teacher.  I don't play guitar but I help him run this business and I've read literally thousands of letters during the past fifteen years from his students complimenting him on his courses. These people don't have to write, but they do, again and again. I also hear their tapes and hear how dramatically their playing has improved. They've convinced me that his courses really work.

These courses are not recommended for beginning students.  They're designed for those who can already play the guitar casually or better and desire to improve their playing skills and musical knowledge without attending a guitar school or college. No previous music education is required, just the ability to play basic and barre chords. You don't need to know how to read music, everything is written in both tab and notation.

Our only goal at Guitar College is to make your a better player and we want you to be happy.

Here are some typical comments I read over and over again: 
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"Finally someone makes music theory easy to understand."

"Wish I'd found your courses years ago, I've wasted so much time trying to learn, you teach it all."

"I feel like Rich is in the room with me, he plays every note and explains everything thoroughly."

"I've tried so many books and courses but yours really make sense, They are well organized and easy to understand."

"Your course helped my playing improve so much and I read music and understand theory now."

"I can't wait to start the next course, I want them all.".......... and on and on.

We even get nice letters from people in foreign countries who speak very little English, but they understand the courses and improve theri playing.

 I know these courses will help you understand music and improve your playing.  Just work the plan and the plan will work for you.