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Theory for the Road

A unique method of learning and memorizing music theory
and training your ear while you drive. What could be easier!


Here's what students say.....
"Man I owe you a real debt of gratitude. I've been trying to learn theory for years and never could quite grasp it. I have the "Theory for Dummies" book and the new "Complete Guitarist" book and I never could grasp an understanding of it. I recently purchased your "Theory for the Road" CD set and BAM! The process in which you explain it is simply genius. I was really happy to stumble onto your web page. I spend a lot of time driving ...no less than 700 miles per week. With the price I am paying in gas for that time I may as well make that time constructive right?" Ralph Robert Jr


"I just wanted to let you know I completed the theory for the road CD set, what a great item! I finally learned my scales and key signatures after all these years of knowing I should and just not knowing how to really go about it. I think the exercises and explanations were really terrific -this was more valuable to me than a music theory course I took in college many years ago. Its a great tool to understand chords and progressions as well." Thanks, Joanna Shaw

Knowing music theory makes learning any instrument easier, enables the band to communicate more effectively and is also helpful for songwriting.

Want to understand music theory inside and out?
Want to know the notes in each scale and key off the top of your head?
Now you can, and almost effortlessly!

Take the mystery out of music theory! These audio lessons explain music theory simply and thoroughly. The examples are musically illustrated on keyboard and guitar. No prior knowledge of music theory is needed. The material covered in this course is general music theory for all instruments, vocals and songwriting and is equivalent to three semesters of college music theory. It has helped many college students challenge out and pass their college classes. Also includes ear training.

Disc One covers, the musical alphabet, half and whole steps, chromatic scales, sharps and flats, major scales, enharmonics, tetrachords, cycles of fourths and fifths, flat and sharp keys.
Disc Two Covers; Intervals, quantity and quality, seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, sevenths, unison and octaves, perfect, major, minor, augmented, diminished intervals, enharmonic intervals, major minor, augmented and diminished triads.
Disc Three covers; Diatonic harmony classic terms, tonality and tonal centers, tonal and modal chords, finding tonal centers, dominant 7th, cadences, and diatonic substitutions. 
Disc Four covers; Ear Training, hear tonal centers, cadences (perfect and deceptive) with listening tests and assignments.
Disc Five covers: Elaborate harmonic progressions, natural, relative, melodic & harmonic minor, diatonic harmony, rock and blues harmony.
Disc Six covers: Secondary dominants in major and minor keys, tonality shifting to modality, modulations, pivot chords, unresolving chord progressions and modal interchange.

Stop wasting precious time! Put your driving time to good use
with this valuable, essential tool for learning music theory!

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