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Skill Level 4    See Rich's demos below

Add some new dimensions and cool sounds to your jazz playing. Discover diminished and dominant diminished scales and how to use them over dominant chords to create an altered dominant sound for jazz improv.  A must for every jazz guitarist!  Studying jazz requires a good grasp of how to use the diminished scale.  These five lessons explore diminished scales and arpeggios, and finished up with a total of 31 impressive diminished jazz licks.  Lessons are available individually as downloads or in this set on USB. This set includes over 200 minutes of video lessons fully explained and demonstrated slowly and up close plus printable PDF written in tab, notation and chord grids.

Click links below for individual lesson demos. 

1.  DIMINISHED SCALES discover diminished and dominant diminished scales and how to use them over dominant chords to create an altered dominant sound for improv.   
2.  ONE OCTAVE DIMINISHED SCALES 10 PATTERNS   Very helpful for generating new soling ideas.  Being familiar with one octave diminished scales makes it easier to learn two and three octave diminished scales.   Drills on how one octave diminished scales will work over four different dominant chords.   Learn how to react to a dominant chord with a diminished scale to improvise.  
3.  DIMINISHED ARPEGGIOS  study diminished  arpeggios, very cool sounding and used primarily in jazz.  This is a valuable lesson on soloing over dominant chords.  
4.  DIMINISHED TRICKS  since the diminished scale is symmetrical on the fretboard there are many tricks to easily play altered sounds by transposing the finger patterns.  
5.  DIMISHED SCALE MAJOR TRIADS  explores the four major triads found in the Diminished scale.  By stringing them together you add some unusual "outside" sounds to your improv.  Rich also explains how they are symmetrical and lay on the guitar for ease of playing. These ideas are demonstrated in 13 diminished licks that can be adapted to your playing.

PLUS 18 MORE DIMINISHED JAZZ LICKS based on the dominant diminished scales to be played over altered dominant chords. 

Diminished Studies download available 

Diminished Licks download available