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A jazz standard with a haunting melody from the 1930s.   It's fun to play and a must know tune that is commonly played at jazz jams.These ten lessons are the tools you need to master this popular jazz standard.  This set consists of  a chord melody, an arpeggio study, improv insights, 3 comping versions, 3 solos and 3 practice tracks. over 4 hours, 263 minutes of video lessons with fretboard closeups demonstrated slowly by measure then rehearsed by section.  Also includes PDF in tab, notation and chord grids for every lesson plus Mp3 play along practice tracks. 

Also available as download set or individual lessons



STUDENT COMMENT:    Rich, I just wanted to let you know that the Just Friends lessons are incredible! 

 Especially the Improv Insights lesson where you discuss  outlining the changes with Chord Tones, and voice-leading them, superimposing arpeggios, and scale choices.........then to boot a couple of extra choruses of you soloing at the end.  
There is a ton of great info here that of course can be applied to other tunes also.  
I especially liked the part on the video where you are doing descending chromatic Guide  tones and showing us how to use them in a solo.......A lot of the instructional materials out there do not  address the fact that you can use guide tones that target  many different notes besides just the 3rd and the 7th..............  
I also figured out some comping using those chromatic guide tones as a top voice in my chord........Wow, what an effect!  
Thanks again, and you deserve special recognition for having such great, well thought out lessons, and especially for selling them at such a good, reasonable price........Sincerely, Bob B from Chicago.