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GOOD MORNING!  Take your playing to the next level with these effective exercises designed to build your chops by improving your dexterity and helping you master the fretboard.  Grab your guitar and a cup of Joe and join Rich for the Guitar Player's Morning Workout. Inspired by Todd Johnson, we start each morning at our Guitar College Jazz Workshops with similar morning workouts. Now on USB with an improved video quality, take your playing to the next level! 

Exercising your brain and fingers with these effective workouts to build your chops by improving your dexterity while helping you master the fretboard.  Play along with included Mp3 tracks to make your workout more musical and fun.  

Each workout is demonstrated slowly and close up then played with you at the tempo of the tracks and includes a PDF of the drills written in both tab and standard notation.  
PS-These exercises can be done anytime of the day or night!

Includes all 10 Morning Workouts!  212 minutes of video lessons demonstrated slowly with close ups, fully explained plus printable PDF of exercises written in tab and notation and includes Mp3 track for each lesson.

These 10 workouts are progressive in skill and information so they are most effective when used in sequence.  

1.  Major scale & major seventh arpeggio in the "E" shape

2.  Major scale & maj 7th arpeggio with the "G" shape & combining the E & G shape

3.  Major scale and major 7th arpeggio with the "C" shape

4.  "A" shape major scale & maj 7 arpeggio & combining with the C shape  

5.  Develop right hand speed picking & study major scale & maj 7 arpeggio in the D shape. Plus begin Dorian mode & min 7 arpeggio in "E" shape.  

6.  Dorian mode and min 7th arpeggios in A &G shapes.    

7.  Switching from harmonic minor to major scales using the Locrian #6 mode, useful for hearing altered tones.  

8.  ii V7b9 I arpeggios, the main arpeggios of a key, in every key around the cycle of 4ths.   

9.  Diatonic arpeggios of major key as four note chords found in one shape & played around the cycle of 4ths with much detail given economy picking.  

10. Play scales & arpeggios with a triplet feel plus counting & economy picking patterns best to gain speed and improve this technique. 

 It might all sound confusing but don't worry Rich explains how and why these exercises can be beneficial to your playing and demonstrates them slowly and close up plus gives his insights and approaches on using them.

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