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Why should I learn Harmonic Minor?  See Rich's demos below for the answers

Skill Level *3*

HARMONIC MINOR is used in jazz over dominant chords to bring out altered tones, specifically b9 and #5.   Here are six lessons explaining harmonic minor and how it is used in jazz.  To totally utilize harmonic minor you must be proficient in all shapes.  Learn all the shapes by playing through them in all keys chromatically and around the cycle of 4ths.  Explore one octave shapes around the cycle of 4ths in the upper and lower register.  Learn to play all the different 2 octave scale shapes through all keys around the cycle of 4ths. 

Plus MAJOR TO HARMONIC MINOR ETUDE   Composed over an Am7, D7, Gmaj7 to E7 chord progression, this etude will help your jazz guitar playing four ways.  First, it will build your single note picking technique. Second, you will become familiar with major and harmonic minor scale patterns. Third, it will help you to hear altered dominant sounds over the V7 chords and finally, it gives you the base to create your own jazz lines. Two Mp3 music tracks are provided to make this etude more fun and practical.

And also included in this set HARMONIC MINOR SONG & STUDY Learn one of Rich's original tunes that will help you master the Harmonic Minor scale.  The song is set in a Spanish style in the key of A minor and it cycles through three tonal centers, Am, Dm and C.  Rich explains how he uses the song as a format to develop  A Harmonic Minor, D Harmonic Minor and C Major scale as improv devices.  Mastering this melody will help you feel more comfortable with Harmonic Minor fingerings.  33 minute video with explanations and demonstrations slowly and close up by measure then rehearsed in sections.  Includes printable PDF in tab and notation plus Mp3 practice track.

A total of 167 minute of videos on USB drive demonstrated up close up and slowly by measure then rehearsed by section plus PDF in tab and notation and Mp3 play along tracks.

Also available as a download