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Begin your jazz guitar journey here with Rich Severson

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Rich’s intro to jazz lessons are taught by the dozen, so you can start using them immediately

Jazz has limitless possibilities however Rich begins your journey by showing you 12 useful variations in chords, progressions, arpeggios, licks, turnarounds and songs to make learning jazz more approachable. Jazz concepts are explained throughout the lessons to give you a practical understanding of jazz and to inspire you to start creating your own jazz ideas

This set includes over 6 hours of video instruction
featuring close ups, with each measure demonstrated slowly then rehearsed in sections. Includes printable PDF in tab, notation, chord charts & grids plus Mp3 tracks. 

BEGINNING CHORD FAMILIES & SUBSTITUTIONS. All chords are derived from one of three basic chord families, major, minor or dominant. No matter how complex a chord is, it draws its basic sound from one of these three groups. Learn the characteristics of each family and which chords are related to which family.  Once you understand the families you can interchange other members of the same family to create different chord textures. Brief discussion on chord construction, extend chords and altered chords.

JAZZ CHORDS  The perfect place for every aspiring or "Wannabe" jazz guitarist to start your jazz chords. Begin with these 12 basic jazz chords and you'll be able to play almost any jazz standard.  Master these 12, get them in your fingers then you can move onto some more elaborate chord substitutions. 

JAZZ CHORD PROGRESSIONS These will help familiarize you with using the dirty dozen jazz chords.   These are common chord moves you find in many jazz standards that every jazz guitarist or "Wannabe" jazz guitarist needs to know.

SONGS Learn to comp twelve timeless jazz standards using the Jazz Chords and Chord Progressions you just learned.  These are common jazz standards that every jazz guitarist needs to know.  Over 3 hours of video instruction plus Mp3 tracks with bass, drums and melody line.   SONGS INCLUDE: Summertime  *** A Day In The Life Of A Fool*** One Note Samba***Have You Met Miss Jones*** My Funny Valentine *** Green Dolphin Street***Tenderly*** Stella By Starlight*** Footprints*** Sugar*** There Will Never Be Another You*** Night And Day

ARPEGGIOS To get you on the fast track for soloing by focusing your improv thoughts on the choice jazz chord tones when soloing over chord progressions of jazz standards.  Rich first shows the source arpeggio from which each of these jazz arpeggios are derived so actually you'll be learning 24 arpeggios!  These arpeggios can be used as "target notes" focusing on the upper partials, 9th,11s and 13ths of chords and will help you gravitate toward those tones making your improv more interesting.  Presented are 3 arps for major sounds, 5 for minor and minor7b5 sounds and 4 for dominant including altered dominant sounds. 

JAZZ LICKS Rich explains the importance of the novice jazz guitar player to learn licks verbatim to assimilate the sound and feel of the style. One dozen, cool sounding, introductory jazz licks to inspire you to start creating your own jazz licks and solos.  These licks correspond to the chord shapes used in the Dirty Dozen Jazz Chords for comping popular jazz standards.  Rich stresses the connection of the phrase to the chord shape, discusses the details of each lick and points out the target notes and arpeggios.  Licks are in major sounds and minor sounds but he also shows you how turn the major licks to minor in the home key by transposing the entire line.  Then study licks are over a static Dominant 7th chord, followed by licks over a 2-5-1 progression in minor and major.  These licks will give you a starting point for solos and help you get a feel for jazz phrasing.   

TURNAROUNDS Each presented in jazz guitar chords and musical phrases.  Turnarounds are found in many, many jazz standards and sometimes even entire songs are written around those turnaround chord changes.  A student's ability to improv in a single note solo and comp those chords is paramount to becoming a confident player.  Rich presents these examples in 4 different keys and explains the chord substitutions and notes of each lick.  This first part cover six of the examples in the keys of G and C, the second are in key of F and Bb using some new ideas and larger interval skips which make more interesting lines over these common chord progressions.  Learn to play both etudes back-to-back to make a great technique builder with a wealth of 1 6 2 5 ideas.    All examples show the progressions with both jazz chords and cool licks.