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Workshop Songs

 At the Yosemite Jazz Workshop the guitar players are divided into 3 groups.  The groups or teams will be determined by playing, reading and Improvisation ability as well as past workshop participation.  Each level will have 3 songs to work on as explained below.   You will be working on one song each day, Monday – Wednesday, in the classes and playing them that night at the Live Playing Workshop. On Thursday you will break into performance groups to woodshed a tune or two and rehearse for the concert that night.

The songs may help decide the team you are in. Choose the tunes that you feel are within your skill level, ones that you will be comfortable playing at the workshop.  Level C is the simplest songs of the 3 groups.  However, as you know, even the simplest of songs can be complex depending on the musical ideas that we will explore.  If you’re not sure which team you should be on and which songs to learn, talk to Rich  (805-460-6370)  or Todd for some advice. 

The songs are listed by teams below with one song overlapping into the upper team for those who want to play up or down a team on a song. Some of the songs for each team have lessons available at https://guitarcollegelibrary.com/catalog 

The links to the lessons are next to the song title below.


SONGS for 2021 (Use PDF for 2020 below)

Email  Rich@guitarcollege.com   for PDF of the camp tunesLessons for the songs are available from the link after the title.

Team A, Advanced--Songs are more intense to challenge the more advanced players, already possessing a good grasp of improv to be more creative with their skill and knowledge. A Team players should also have good command of the songs for Teams B & C.

1.  Girl from Ipanema https://guitarcollegelibrary.com/search?search=girl

2.  Well You Needn’t https://guitarcollegelibrary.com/programs/wellyouneedntjhmp4-a60379

3.  Softly as A Morning Sunrise    https://guitarcollegelibrary.com/programs/softlycmmp4-13484-0bd061

Team B, Experienced --Songs may push you slightly out of your comfort zone.  Level B players should also be able to play the songs for the C Team confidently.  

1.  Bernie’s Tune https://guitarcollegelibrary.com/programs/bernieheadmp4-2ed4a8

2.  Fly me to the moon  https://guitarcollegelibrary.com/programs/flymecmm4v-d81c19 

3.  Girl from Ipanema https://guitarcollegelibrary.com/search?search=girl

Team C, Intermediate –Songs are the simpler but not necessarily easy.  We’ll break them down and study them intensely to learn valuable jazz concepts that can apply to other tunes.

1.  Midnight Blue     https://guitarcollegelibrary.com/programs/midnightbluecmmp4-1509a6

2.   All of me    https://guitarcollegelibrary.com/programs/allofmeejhmp4-be9e3b

3.  Bernie’s Tune   https://guitarcollegelibrary.com/programs/bernieheadmp4-2ed4a8

Please be sure you are familiar with the songs. Work to memorize the songs in your group if possible, both chords and melody.  Listen to a variety of recordings and different arrangements; YouTube is a good free source. It is to your advantage to come to the workshop prepared. The better you can already play a song the deeper we can dig into it as a group. 


Blues in C
Just Friends
All the Things You Are
One Note Samba
Exactly Like You


Scrapple from the Apple
Four on Six  
In a Mellow Tone 
Blue Moon  
Call Me     
Satin Doll  


The Days of Wine and Roses
On Green Dolphin Street
Stolen Moments
Lady Bird
When Sunny Gets Blue
Samba De Orfeu
Don't Get Around Much Anymore


Things Ain’t What They Used To Be (Blues in Db)
Stella by Starlight
The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
Beautiful Love 
Tenor Madness (Blues in Bb)
You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To
Do Nothin’ Till You Hear From Me