1. EFFECTIVE—Our student say they learned more the first year with Guitar Home Study Courses than they had learned in the entire time they have been playing guitar. Most guitar players spend years learning a little of this and that with miscellaneous books, videos and lessons but never really get to the level they desire. We have an organized, systematic plan that teaches you just what you need to know in the order you need to learn it and we have the exercises you need to improve your playing skills. YOU WORK THE PLAN AND THE PLAN WILL WORK FOR YOU.
2. CONVENIENT-- A program to suit your lifestyle.  Most people today have a demanding, hectic schedule. Getting to those weekly scheduled lessons can be a real hassle. With Guitar College Home Study Courses it’s like having a teacher ready whenever you are. You can work at your own pace, as much or as little as your schedule allows. If you need a break, no problem, when you’re ready to start again just back up, review your last lesson and move on. Plus you can take them to the office and practice during lunch or take them on the road. Our Theory for the Road course will teach you the equivalent of 3 semesters of college music theory while you drive to work. WHAT COULD BE EASIER?
3. AFFORDABLE-- Compare our education to other guitar schools like; Berklee Music, GIT, LAMA  Dick Grove, Beyond Chops and others, we'll save you thousands of dollars each year. Even music stores charge $20.00 and up per ½ hour weekly lessons.  At the end of one year you’ve spent over a thousand dollars for your instruction. With the Guitar College Starter Pack, a one year program and YOU’LL SAVE OVER $800.00 on lessons this PLUS GAS and travel time.

WHO IS OUR TYPICAL STUDENT? Generally, he's over 40, played in a band in high school or college, stopped playing for a family and career and now he's rediscovered the joy of guitar playing. He's started practicing again and maybe even bought a nice instrument or two. But his tastes have changed, he's heard some of the new jazz and fingerstyle players and discovered their predecessors. He'd like to learn to play music that doesn't require a band, bar or dance to perform. Now he's more interested in either playing solo, with a friend or two, with a small jazz combo or on a worship team.

He's ready to study guitar and this time he wants to do it right! He's no longer satisfied with only learning chords to a Stones tune or playing the intro licks to 20 songs. He would like to fill the holes in his playing and musical education, develop his skills and confidence, expand his repertoire and reach a level where he can teach himself and enjoy the rewards from his playing.

It's difficult for him to commit to a scheduled guitar lessons from a local teacher every week, take group lessons at the college or put his life on hold to study at a guitar school. He wants affordable, quality guitar instruction and music education with the flexibility to study at home, office or maybe even when he travels, basically at his convenience.

If this sounds like anything like you, you're a good candidate for Guitar College.

HOW DOES GUITAR COLLEGE WORK?  Guitar College is designed to build a solid music foundation and improve your playing skills. Each course includes 6 lessons in a workbook written in both tab and notation.  Also included are 6 full length audio CDs, explaining everything to you in detail, just like a classroom experience. Then you will work along with Rich through the exercises, songs and solos, as he rehearses each phrase, note by note with you at a variety of tempos.  Every tool available is used to help you understand the subject and play the piece of music.

These lessons are not just played briefly once or twice, like most books and videos, but drilled like a private practice session.  Many lessons also include play along rhythm section practice tracks.  We'll also introduce you to some helpful hints on time management, organizing studies, motivation, inspiration and insights into performing, recording and

Since these courses are preserved on CD, they will remain a valuable tool
and refresher course for years to come.

WHAT'S RICH'S PHILOSOPHY ABOUT TEACHING GUITAR?  There's an old adage, "Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for life." It's that way with guitar playing also. You can learn a song on your guitar and all you'll know is a song. But if you learn some music theory and improve your skill, you'll be able to teach yourself all the songs you want to know.

Having the right material is essential. I believe in teaching music not a guitar lesson. I don't believe in dumbing down the information nor over complicating the issue. In music as in most things there is a logical progression of learning, one idea building upon another and that's the best, most effective way to learn. The goal is to play, understand and enjoy your guitar and the music you can make with it. If a student learns to understand the music that's in front of him, sees where it should be played on his instrument, hears what it should sound like and develops the technical skill to perform it, there is no stopping him. This is what Guitar College can do for you.

WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BECOME A BETTER PLAYER? Most all students can become excellent players given the time, the motivation and the right materials.
is something we all need more of, but I've found that ideally just two daily
20-minute quality practice periods can produce amazing results. We have suggestions that can help you learn faster but it's going to some take time. There are no magic shortcuts, I've searched for them.  Anybody who advertises them is just pulling your leg!

You may have motivation right now but it will slowly erode unless you hear progress in your playing.
It's fun, rewarding and motivating when your practice produces results. That's just the way it is! I encourage students to record themselves regularly and listen to those recordings two weeks later to hear the fruits of their labor. That generates more motivation!
We believe we have the right materials presented in an organized, systematic and comprehensive manner to make you the player you want to be.


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