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Lessons available in 3 convenient formats,click title for complete details 


Home Study Courses

Our 14 Home Study Courses include workbooks written in tab and notation plus 6 instructional "Work Along" audio CDs that thoroughly explain every detail on every page and play each note with you measure by measure in a variety of tempos. There are also "Play Along" practice tracks in most courses and some include DVDs too.


E-Courses  Same material in our Home Study Courses but in digital format on CD-Rom.  Workbooks converted to PDF files to view on your computer or print pages as needed.  Audio CDs converted to MP3 to play on your computer, MP3 player or Ipod.

Downloadable Lessons   LEARN IT NOW collection of downloadable audio lessons from the Home Study Courses and video lessons in fingerstyle, comping, licks and technique.

Our 14 Home Study Courses, click title for complete details

College Packs The best place to start our program and save money.  Combines several items below at a special discounted package price.

Guitar Theory and Technique Courses 1-4 Designed to develop your playing skills and knowledge of music. Presented at a college entry level, no prior music education is required to start the courses. Unlike most theory books these courses relate music theory specifically to guitar. They also develop single note technique through hundreds of productive drills and exercises. Learn and master harmony, scales, arpeggios, keys, modes, altered scales and the ideas that are the essential tools for improv and better guitar playing.
Rhythm Guitar Course
90% of your playing is rhythm chords, be the best you can. Covers every aspect of rhythm guitar. Illustrated with real songs in a variety of styles this thorough course begins simple and ends at an advanced level. Covers reading charts, theory, chord formulas, fretboard knowledge, inversions, comping styles, scores of chord shapes., band situations, rhythm riffs, with backing tracks and worksheets.

Supplemental Starter DVD 90 minute visual illustration for techniques demonstrated in Rhythm Guitar and Guitar Theory & Technique Course #1. Included in all Starter Packs.

Theory For The Road An audio course designed to help you understand and memorize music theory. Listening examples help you hear and identify chord changes and intervals. Many drills to exercise your mind and effectively develop the valuable tool of music theory. This course is suitable for all instruments and vocals.  Available on CD or Mp3 format.

Blues Guitar Courses 1 & 2 Stresses developing great blues lines and effective formulas for an impressive, lyrical blues statement without rambling on and on. Study the foundation, feel, sound and technique of several styles of blues. Many exercises to build your ear, strength and phrasing. Backing tracks included.

Blues #1 Supplemental DVD Visual coaching through the Blues Guitar Course #1. Now included with Blues Guitar Course #1 and also sold separately.

Jazz Guitar Courses 1-4 Using real songs to illustrate ideas and concepts this course makes jazz very "doable". Learn chord melodies or melodies in octaves, then real chord comping with substitutions. Work on melodic ideas moving through chord changes then memorize transcribed solos, take them apart, woodshed each phrase and develop the ideas. After this intense study you are encouraged to create your own solo with the backing tracks. Intermediate to advanced. Suggested prerequisites; Theory and Technique 1 & 2, Rhythm Guitar and Blues 1 or equivalent experience.

Fingerstyle Guitar Course Not a method but a collection of great sounding solo pieces with each song offering a different treatment of the bass lines for solo guitar. Every measure carefully rehearsed to help you learn to play these contrasting melody and bass lines. 

Advanced Country Guitar Course With today's wide country appeal a working guitarist need to know these valuable solos. Countless licks are found in the solos. Learn how they're constructed and get a "feel" for the style plus build your chops. Master the country twang and the pedal steel solos and be ready for your next country gig or session. 

Rhythms At First Sight CourseSight Reading Course--The first step to becoming a confident reader is to master rhythms. Most music educators agree, a student should study rhythms first to become a comfortable sight reader. This systematic approach develops your ability to recognize rhythms at first sight. Even if you can't read a note of music the first step is to master rhythms. This is the hardest part of sight reading. Drilling strictly with rhythms first, then working on your note recognition will mold you into an above average reader. This course is suitable for all instruments. 


More Miscellaneous Courses, Books, DVDs, Play Alongs,  Etc.  A variety of guitar instruction products 

Video Magazines  A great new concept! Fun and entertaining 90 minute DVDs featuring lessons in a variety of styles, player interviews, performances, guitar events, demonstrations and more.