Fingerstyle DVDS


Want to Learn a fingerstyle arrangment or two??
Rich has a great variety of fingerstyle guitar arrangement lessons on DVD for you.  Each song includes the video lesson with fretboard close ups, demonstrated slowly by measure then rehearsed with you by section.  Also includes a link for a PDF file with the arrangement transcribed in both tab and standard notation. 

How about some Fingerstyle Blues?? 
Learn each 12 bar section to build a cool funky jazzy/bluesy fingerstyle arrangement by Rich Severson called Blues Thump The tune incorporates both thumping and walking bass lines and is suitable for electric or acoustic guitar.

Want to create a fingerstyle arrangement of your favorite song??  
In our Jazz Fingerstyle Playing and Arranging Couse you will learn how to create your own fingerstyle arrangement of your favorite songs.   A fingerstyle arrangement incorporates the melody, harmony and bass line. The first step in learning how to craft your own arrangement is studying chord melodies, harmonizing a song's melody without the bass line. Then we will work on bass lines, different styles and what will suit your song best.  We will also tackle intros and endings.  This is a big subject so we will tackle it piece by piece, lesson by lesson to fully equip you with the tools you need to build your own fingerstyle arrangements.  

Also available as downloads 

These DVDs are available on the 3 for $60.00 deal.  Must be ordered on that page for the discount


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