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GIBSON L5ces 1978 Sunburst

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Here is a 1978 Gibson L5ces in great shape.  This is Gibson's flagship guitar and sets the standard by which all others jazz guitars are measured. There is something special about it's deep rich sound, exceptional feel and stunning appearance that has made it the all time sought after jazz guitar.  Solid spruce top solid maple side and back, 17" bout 3 1/2 in depth, 5 piece neck, ebony fretboard, gold hardware.  This one has spent most of it's 41 years in the case.  There is zero fret wear,  a strap button was never added on the back but don't worry I added one.  I also replaced the pickup covers, tuneomatic bridge and several screws as they were oxidized from spending too much time in the case in a coastal environment.  It does have some nicks but all of the binding and woods is all perfect.  Here's your chance to own the real deal.